How to Look Gorgeous in Glasses

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Now that cute frames are a veritable fashion accessory (thanks, J. Crew!), we’ve been taking a break from our contact lenses and embracing the look. We’ve racked up enough compliments from coworkers and friends and yes, even our guys, to make us wish we could jump in a time machine and share the love with our fourth grade, four-eyed-self. Our one complaint, though is how glasses throw off our regular beauty routine. It’s as if there’s a whole different set of beauty rules that go with wearing glasses. We had a chance to ask Natalie Coughlin, Olympic athlete and new LensCrafters lifestyle expert, some of her favorite spec-techniques.

Do you apply your makeup differently or use different types of products on the days that you wear glasses?
If I’m wearing glasses, I want to be able to see my eyes, so I’ll use Sephora’s retractable eyeliner in Slate followed by Givenchy’s Noir Couture mascara in Black. To balance out the glasses, I’ll wear a sheer lip stain.  My two favorites: Tarte’s Lust or Tarte’s Enchanted.  If I want to dress up the look I’ll wear a stronger lip: Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Inimitable.

What are you biggest pet peeves when you wear glasses and have you learned any good trick to fix them?
I hate getting smudges on my glasses! Even though I try not to touch my lenses, they inevitably end up getting dirty from fingerprints or makeup. I keep disposable eyeglass cleaning wipes from LensCrafters in my purse to easily clean my glasses on the go.

Brows are big beauty trend and they make a big difference for your face. Do you find that wearing glasses calls extra attention to your brows?
I always make sure my brows are in shape, especially when I’m wearing my glasses or sunglasses. You’re calling more attention to your eyes so you want to make sure everything looks good. I make sure that my brows are well defined and groomed. I groom my brows myself using a slanted Tweezerman’s and brow scissors, Estee Lauder’s 2-in-1 Eyeliner/Brow Color to define my brows, then Anastasia’s clear brow gel to keep them in place.

You have such thick, beautiful hair! Do you favor certain hairstyles on days you wear glasses?
I have two go to looks on days that I wear my glasses, either soft waves or a simple chignon.  For the soft waves, I’ll use Pantene’s Moisture Whip when my hair is still damp, then will let my hair air dry.  After it’s dry, I’ll use Amika’s hair wand with the 1’’ barrel to define my waves.  For a chignon I’ll dry the crown of my hair to smooth any flyaways, then pull my hair into a low ponytail.  Then I’ll lightly tease my ponytail, then secure it in a chignon with two spin pins.

Are people often surprised when they find out that you wear glasses?
People assume that when I’m wearing my glasses, I’m taking advantage of the fashion frames trend and that they’re not prescription.  I’ve needed glasses since the 7th grade and luckily my prescription has remained relatively stable. My eyes are really sensitive and I like to wear glasses, but need to wear sunglasses when I’m outside.  Having a separate pair of prescription sunglasses helps protect my eyes, but is also another accessory!

Geek Chic: Where to Find Cute Glasses

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I think every lady should have a bit of a nerdy side. And these days a lot of things that were once geeky are actually cool. Comic books flicks are the most anticipated movies of the summer; computer programing is a sought-after job; zombies are having a major moment; fantasy shows like Game of Thrones are popular (the theme song happens to be my ring tone); and nerdy girls like Tina Fey and Zooey Deschanel are the queens of prime time. And the nerdiest accessory, glasses, are super-chic. Yes they’re a functional necessity to some but a lot of stylish ladies are now choosing glasses over contacts. Girls with 20/20 vision are even “faking it” with plain lenses! Of course stores like LensCrafters carry a wide assortment of frames at various prices, but there are a new a crop of websites that cater to this hot accessory. Here are my picks:

What we love about Coastal is that the first pair you order is free! (Our team here didn’t believe it when I told them.) That means you can get a practical pair, like black or tortoise, and a fun pair, like red or bright pink, for the price of one. They will also give away a pair to someone in need when you buy certain styles. The glasses we shot for our August fashion story, at left, are from the site and are perfectly geeky-chic.

Warby Parker is a very popular with the cool kids. Yes that’s very high school of me to say but it’s true. It’s hipster and trendy but Warby Parker also gives away a free pair for every purchase (which we love!). They offer free shipping and returns, and all their glasses are $95. They also have a home try on program where you can borrow 5 glasses for 5 days to try on in the comfort of your own home. My sister has this matte style and they are a perfect mix of cool and sophisticated.

The thing that makes Ditto unique is that you can virtually try on their glasses. Using special technology (all you need at home is a web cam), your license or credit card for scale and maybe a hair and makeup touch-up, you can see how all their glasses would look on you. (That’s me trying on a cute cat eye from Elizabeth and James — you like?) It was really easy to set up and if you are unsure of what shape looks good, you can send your photo to the site stylist who will suggest a pair that works for you. Free expert advice, you can’t beat that!

Have fun accessorizing your eyes and do share with me in the comments how you embrace your inner geek!

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Go Ask Gab: My New Glasses

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Today I am wearing glasses. Yes this is new to me. Usually you can only see me doing such a thing in the early morning or late evening hours. I wore my older glasses to work a few months back and received some positive responses from co-workers, so I thought it might be time for some new frames. (Clearly I’m very influenced by compliments!) I went to LensCrafters and met with a doctor. The hardest part was picking from their huge selection of designer frames (I’m a Pisces — decisions are always hard!) I ended up going with these frames by Ray-Ban and was shocked when they said my glasses would be ready in less than 24-hours — A+ for customer service!

I decided to wear them today and had some trouble getting dressed this morning. What do people who wear glasses every day do? For me glasses are an accessory, not an necessity (since I will probably go back to my contacts tomorrow). I choose my frames not because of my love for Woody Allen, but because they are cool and trendy. For some reason I felt the need to rock some menswear, so I chose a button down shirt and a short skirt. I was going to go with heels but when I slipped on a pair at work, my boss said I looked “naughty.” NOT the look I was going for so I stuck with the neon pink flat sandals.

Apparently the verdict is that I look smart today. I assure you, my IQ hasn’t risen –  but they did inspire me to take a poetry break from my busy work day…


If you switch between glasses and contacts, do you find yourself making different fashion choices when you’re wearing your frames?

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