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In My Words: Katharine McPhee

February 15, 2012 at 12:00 pm , by

Latest role. In Smash I play a girl from Iowa who dreams of being on Broadway. It’s the perfect part: Growing up, my mother always took me to see musical theater; plus, the series is produced by Steven Spielberg. Anything he’s involved with grabsmy attention.

Moving from Los Angeles to New York City, where the NBC show is filmed. My New York apartment is so much smaller. I was like, Where do I put all my shoes? So I bought all these bins, filled them with shoes and shoved them under my bed.

My dream collaboration.  I would love to work with Adele. Of course, I only say that in my dreams because I don’t believe it will ever happen!

How I give back. I started McPhee Outreach, which helps children in need. We built a preschool in a small country in West Africa called Burkina Faso. I wasn’t able to be at the opening ceremony, but I watched a video of the people there talking about what the chool meant to them. I was like, Wow, I helped make this happen.

Best advice I ever got. Keep one or two voices in your life, meaning one or two people you can trust. And don’t stray too far from those voices because this business is stressful!

Guilty pleasure. Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Khloe is my favorite—she’ll say exactly what she thinks, then follows it up with, “I’m only telling you things other people say behind your back.” Love that about her!

Before this current hairstyle, McPhee’s hair was cropped and platinum blond. “I get tired of the same old thing.” Check out this slideshow of McPhee’s best hairstyles.