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Accessories to Add Some Flair to Your Hair

July 10, 2012 at 6:19 pm , by

I think my fellow long-haired ladies will agree: There’s nothing worse then sticky, sweaty hair during this summer heat wave. Instead of letting your hair down, it’s time to dress it up! There are tons of cute and cheap hair accessories so you can turn a boring pony into a stylish hairdo.








Left: You remember those 80’s scrunchies right? Yes, they’re really back! A cute, floral scrunchie can create a chic ponytail. Urban Outfitters. $10. 
Center: Jump on the bandwagon with the bow trend! This flirty and fun hairpin will transform your updo. ModCloth, $12.99. 
Right: This sequin heart headband adds a touch of glamour., $35.








Left: This bright head wrap a pop of color and a vintage vibe to your look. Etsy, $18.99.
Center: This printed headscarf is a cheap, easy way to rock a trendy pattern. Nordstrom, $28.
Right: Floral hair bands and clips look cute and flirty at the office or elegant and trendy at a wedding or party. Nordstrom, $38.