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Bare It All: Summer Hair Removal Guide

June 6, 2011 at 10:00 am , by

While June 21st is officially the start of summer, Memorial Day marks the unofficial kickoff of body baring season. But before the big reveal, make sure you’re as smooth as you want to be: We’ve rounded up the latest ways to get fuzz-free fast.

Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream, $10
Slather it on, let it sit; swipe it (and stubble) off. Yes, it’s really that easy.


Philips Bikini Perfect, $50
If creams and waxes aren’t your thing, try a bikini trimmer that’s sensitive-skin friendly. This one works on batteries, both in and out of the shower.


BareEase & Cream, $25
This paper panty and numbing cream kit takes the guesswork and pain out of bikini waxing. On its own, the panty also works well to keep depilatory cream away from the part of your bikini line that you want to leave intact.

BareEase And Cream

Sally Hansen Brush-on in-Shower Hair Remover, $8
No one likes to slather on a depilatory then wait outside the shower for the stuff to work. This formulation works while you shower, and with the built-in brush, you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Sally Hansen
Nair Hair Removal Cool Gel, $8
It’s a fuzz-clearing classic, except this version is clear, cool, and odor-free.

Nair Cool Gel