Anna Kournikova’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 7

November 2, 2011 at 2:25 pm , by

We kicked off this week just like the first week on the ranch—the contestants competed to pick their new trainers and create new teams. It was pretty clear that a lot of them were a little comfortable with their routines and trainers, so some of them weren’t really eager to mix things up.

It was fun watching the contestants compete in the nutrition challenge to decide their new trainers. I couldn’t believe some of their eating habits before they came on the ranch. Ramone used to eat 12 tacos in one sitting! Seeing them admit that their old choices weren’t necessarily the best options showed me that they really have been listening to our advice about living a healthier life. And by the end of the challenge, I had a new blue team—Sunny, Joe and Ramone.

I knew Ramone was still upset from the weigh-in last week, and I quickly learned that Joe was very dependent on Bob. So before we even hit the gym, I decided to have a team meeting. They needed to understand that even though the trainers are helping them on their journey at the ranch, it’s the contestants who are really accomplishing the amazing things, and they need to take responsibility for their own goals and successes. I knew the week was going to be hard for everybody, myself included. But my goal was to push Joe, Sunny and Ramone harder than they had ever been pushed before.

In the first workout, my focus was on making sure that the new blue team came together as a mentally and physically strong unit. I wanted to prove to them that even though we didn’t start as a team, I was completely committed to them. Change is never easy, but it’s bound to happen, and the gym is an amazing place to work through the frustration of uncertainty. Read more

Anna Kournikova’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 6

October 26, 2011 at 7:40 am , by

It was Halloween week on the ranch! There were some treats, but there was also one big trick—all of the contestants would be working as a team to prepare for the weigh-in. If they lost 100 pounds as a group, no one would have to go home that week, so there was plenty of hard work to be done!

The twist meant that the trainers also got to work together and train everyone. I first worked with Jessica, Jennifer and Sunny. We did a lot of core and lower body exercises because I wanted to show them how to keep your heart rate up in unexpected ways. I was really tough on Jennifer because I noticed how dependent she was on Bob, but the contestants have to learn how to push themselves because eventually they’ll have to maintain a healthy lifestyle without our help.

The challenge this week looked like a lot of fun! I was super excited to see that everyone made it out of the maze on time, earning them a 10-pound advantage at the weigh-in. But even with that advantage, losing 90
 pounds as a group would still be a huge challenge.

Each trainer got the chance to do their own workout with all of the contestants, and I decided to do a cardio tennis session. I wasn’t worried about teaching them proper technique—it was more about burning a lot of calories. It was really hot on the court that day, but I knew I had to keep all of them moving, no matter what!

Bob, Dolvett, and I got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up as the Three 
Musketeers for the last chance workout. This week we truly were “all for one and
one for all!” I decided to pull Jessica
 aside for a little girl talk. I needed her to know that as happy as I was that she and 
Ramon found love on the ranch, I was concerned that
 the relationship might affect her weight loss journey. I wanted her to know that it’s okay for them to put their individual needs first right now.

As usual, the weigh-in was tense! My heart really went out to Sunny when she 
gained five pounds because she really did work hard. I was disappointed when Bonnie and Becky each lost one pound, but I wasn’t too surprised since
 they lost big numbers the week before. When Ramon only lost two pounds, I
was worried that his head wasn’t in the right place. I know exactly what
 he and Jessica are going through and how much of a distraction a relationship can 
be. Unfortunately, the group was way off of their goal of losing 90 pounds, so they had to have an elimination. Jennifer got sent home, but I can’t wait to see how well she
 does in the marathon!

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Anna Kournikova’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 4

October 12, 2011 at 10:18 am , by

I was so excited about this week! My team made it through the last elimination round and we were feeling confident and determined to have another great week.

When I heard that the challenge involved walking through the “elements” I was really nervous for my team. Even though they didn’t win, I was so proud to see them working together to make sure everyone finished the course safely. Our team may not be able to do some things as quickly as the younger contestants, but they certainly don’t lack willpower. They really understand the importance of making the most out of every opportunity on the ranch, and they did their absolute best.

To reward my team for all of their hard work, I decided to get them out of the gym and take them to the beach for a workout with a surprise guest! I brought Marci in from Season 11 to help us work out because I knew she could relate to the struggles my team had. She shared some inspirational words with us, and she participated in every single exercise while motivating everyone else the entire way.

I also had another surprise in store for my team. I brought them to work out on my turf: the tennis court! We went through a cardio tennis workout and it felt great to be able to share the sport that has given me so much and has been such a huge part of my life. I wanted to make sure they knew that I completely understand how difficult it is to push yourself and to stay motivated and focused, but all of the hard work you put in is totally worth it when you start seeing results and begin reaching your personal goals.

This week’s weigh-in was a bit nerve-wracking. Our team put up such great numbers last week, and it can be really hard to put up two great weeks in a row. And based on the history of the show, week four is always a tough weight-loss week for all of the contestants. I really felt for Becky when she only lost two pounds but sometimes that can happen when your body starts to get used to all of the exercise. Bonnie did a great job losing seven pounds for the second week in a row, but unfortunately it still wasn’t enough to keep us above the yellow line. Coach going home was really upsetting; he was such a great leader for our team. But I have no doubt that he is going to go back and work out with the same intensity that he did on the ranch. I know he will show up to the marathon in great shape and ready to compete as hard as he possibly can!

Anna Kournikova’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 3

October 5, 2011 at 10:13 am , by

What a week! I hope everyone had as much fun with NFL Week as I did! It was so cool to hear the NFL players say they were fans of the show and have some of the greatest players in the league training with our Biggest Loser family.

With two tickets to the Super Bowl on the line, I knew my team—especially Coach Mike—was going to be extra motivated. After losing the first two weigh-ins, our team came into NFL week very focused and determined.

Having been a professional athlete, I know how important it is to start out as strong as you can so you can build upon that positive momentum. My strategy was to push my team extra hard in the first quarter of the challenge to boost their confidence so they could keep it up. The red and black teams put up higher numbers quarter after quarter, and our team’s bodies were aching. I know that it’s hard to keep going, but I just wanted them to push through the pain so they could realize what their bodies and minds are truly capable of.

There is no doubt in my mind that the blue team gave it their all, so it was frustrating when we came in third place. With three players over 50 years old, these timed challenges can be especially difficult because their bodies may not burn calories as quickly as the younger players. The blue team can burn just as many calories as the red and black teams; it just may take them a little bit longer to do it. Read more

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