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Our Favorite Pieces From Nate Berkus For Target

January 17, 2014 at 8:00 am , by

For the past couple of years interior design tycoon Nate Berkus has been bringing his signature tastes to Target, and we’re especially excited about the upcoming Spring 2014 collection. According to Berkus, all that you have to do to understand the driving force behind this season’s design is look up. He found inspiration in the jewel-toned colors of the night sky and infused them into his work. The web team has rounded up some of our most-wanted items—spoiler alert: we have a thing for gold.

Gold Plated Lamp

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"Cool geometric shape and it's gold? Be still my heart. This would be a way-more-chic replacement for the boring lamp from college that's still collecting dust in my living room a decade later." - Amanda Wolfe, Senior Digital Director

Buy it now, $64.99

10 Gorgeous Table Decorations for Fall and Winter

October 7, 2013 at 4:31 pm , by

Hosting for the holidays? It’s time to revamp your frumpy tablecloths and outdated dishware. Get inspired by these craft bloggers and recreate one of these simple (and chic!) DIY tablescapes.

Sweet Something Designs

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To give your tablescape a modern and classy feel, leave it simple and clutter-free. Use leaves as name cards and cover tiny pumpkins with glitter. Stick to metallic shades and find napkins with clean, structured lines.

See more at Sweet Something Designs

7 Great Sale Sites for Home Goods

June 11, 2010 at 4:30 pm , by

l_iStock_4943104SmallI love a sale. A deal. A bargain. If I could, I’d probably visit Marshall’s, T.J. Maxx and Home Goods every weekend. But, you know, thankfully I have a life. Which is why I love flash sale websites, which allow me to bargain hunt from the comfort of my computer. Flash sales–basically short term online sample sales—started in the fashion world a couple of years back, but many now feature great home furnishings and accessories at equally way-marked-down prices. So if, like me, you’re more likely to max out your credit card at Pottery Barn than J. Crew, you’ll love these sites. Sign up online, and they’ll email you details of each day’s sales. Happy shopping!

One King’s Lane: This site specializes in home goods—from furniture to rugs to art, they’ve got it all.


Gilt Groupe

Rue La La

Haute Look

eBay Daily Deals: The auction site now offers a slew of one-day only bargains and free shipping.

Apartment Therapy: While it’s not a sample sale site, this home blog does a comprehensive week-end round-up of home sales, both in-store and online. Check the site every Friday for The Weekend Guide post, or sign up for their daily newsletter to get details via email.

Flameless Candles Rock

May 11, 2010 at 4:06 pm , by

img80mOkay, so I know this isn’t the newest tip in town, but I’m glowing with excitement over my new flameless candles. I had heard of the battery operated tea lights (fabulous for parties and romantic dinners by the way) but didn’t realize that you could pick these flameless phenoms up in just about every shape and size. D’oh! I do love real candles, but these fabulous fakes will help you avoid blackened Hurricane glass (not cute) and potential hair-on-fire Michael Jackson moments (true story involving a sconce and a tall person). Pottery Barn’s wax versions, pictured above, feature a five-hour timer function and a realistic amber flicker to mimic the light of a real candle. Check out Target.com for scented options.

Blooming Tables (And Cakes!)

April 27, 2010 at 10:52 am , by

So, I am not engaged. I have a lovely boyfriend, but he hasn’t put a ring on it just yet. My friend Ella, however, is engaged, and I was lucky enough to accompany her to the Wedding Show sponsored by New York Magazine earlier this month. The event was amazing – photogs and caterers and venues galore! – but what impressed me most were the beautiful tablescapes. They were full of gorgeous blooms and really inspired by nature, with grasses and trees and other little touches brought in from the outdoors. Even the cakes were in bloom! (And, as Courtney points out, pretty buds are an easy way to add some spring to your home.)

More flower-inspired decor pics after the jump.

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A Fresh Lilac Arrangement to Brighten Your Home

April 20, 2010 at 2:55 pm , by

Spring is here! Need proof? Aside from my occasional allergy attacks and the absence of warm winter boots in storefront windows (never did get around to purchasing that pair I so longed for) fresh lilac is abundant! I walked past the flower stall on my street this morning and there it was—the sweet fragrance of spring in full purple bloom. I grabbed several bunches and threw together this arrangement. It makes me want to eat a pastry, drink a mimosa, and sing to the hills like Fraulein Maria. I don’t know why.

Here’s a tip: remove all of the leaves from the stems for a clean and simple arrangement. I like to use a large, wide-mouthed vase for a Provencal look. These Regency Long Tom grey pots from Restoration hardware would look amazing on just about any table. What type of floral arrangement screams spring to you?

My Water-Powered Alarm Clock Screams Cool

March 23, 2010 at 11:31 am , by

alarm clockMy trusty Blackberry doubled as my alarm clock, and most days this worked out just fine—most days. Occasionally, I subconsciously pressed the “dismiss” button rather than the “snooze” button, which resulted in panic, chaos, mismatched shoes (happened once) and something my friends and I call “hammy face.” (I know you wish I would link “hammy face” to a picture of myself, but we don’t know each other well enough yet—just think puffy and swollen eyes.)

My point is, running late is the opposite of a good time, and a back-up alarm is a great idea—especially if it runs on WATER. That’s right, I said water! I can’t claim to understand how this gadget works, but it does. My Bedol water-powered alarm clock gets my booty out of bed without batteries or a plug. Just fill it up and you’re good to go. Fantastic.

This eco-friendly potenial job saver comes in blue, charcoal, green, pink and purple, and retails for $29. Wake up—this would make a great gift for college grads, people. You snooze, you lose.