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Halloween Plans from People who Know Horror

October 28, 2010 at 3:28 pm , by

When your day job is mystery and horror, what do you do to celebrate the spookiest night of the year? Books Editor Lorraine Glennon asked these top-selling mystery and thriller novelists how they are spending Halloween:

“Pumpkins are the best stand-ins for heads and you can only get them this time of year. So for Halloween I gather as many pumpkins as I can…and scalp them with my sword. I set them up on posts and have at them. They cut like butter and it’s a lot of fun! –Jeri Westerson, author of The Demon’s Parchment

“My detective, Jane Wheel, finds treasure in others’ cast-offs. So my ‘research’  involves feeding my own disparate collections‹some standard, like American art pottery, and some not-so-standard, like things-innocently-purchased-at-rummage-sales-that-can-double-as-murder-weapons. On Halloween, I like to display this murderous collection around the candy bowl. Even if you have to stretch your imagination to picture how the bad guy would use a railroad spike to do someone in, everyone agrees that this pile of collectibles makes for an unsettling centerpiece.” –Sharon Fiffer, author of  Scary Stuff

“I will be playing the part of Minnie Mouse to my almost-3 year-old son’s Mickey. The only mystery is whether my husband will dress as Pluto or Goofy.–Joelle Charbonneau, author of Skating Around the Law

“My husband, crime fiction novelist Andrew Grant, and I are invited to a party, and he will be dressing up as an Chilean miner and I will go as a canary.”–Tasha Alexander, author of Dangerous to Know

“This Halloween we’ll be in Quebec City, a 400-year-old walled fortress, built on bones and faith. There are so many ghosts and mysteries in the old city that a ‘Ghost Tour’ has been created, and my husband and I will be taking it. Please light a candle for us!”–Louise Penny, author of Bury Your Dead

“Celebrating Halloween always begins with handing out candy to all the little witches, vampires, and ghosts. Then I’ll get a jump start on Día de los Muertos festivities by joining friends for a Mexican dinner at a favorite restaurant. Finally, I’ll curl up in front of the television with a glass of red wine and pop one of my favorite ‘witchy’ movies into the DVR: the 1958 classic Bell, Book, and Candle starring Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak, and Jack Lemmon.” —Deb Harkness, author of the forthcoming A Discovery of Witches.