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Hot Stones on the Beach

July 25, 2013 at 7:00 pm , by

I have three words for instant relaxation: Hot. Stone. Massage. No kidding. One of the best decisions I made during a recent trip to Breezes Bahamas Resort was to put down the rum and pineapple juice and let the masseuse work her magic right there on the beach.

Naturally, I was squeamish about the whole thing — hot rocks simmering on my bare skin? Why would I do that? But the island setting was perfect and I was curious about the claims behind these peculiar little stones.

The first rock was hot. Ouch! Wasn’t expecting that. I exhaled into the next one, a technique I learned in yoga. By the third stone, my body temperature was used to it. Reminded me of the first few toes that go into a steaming hot bath.

Then the masseuse started with a vigorous, full-body oil massage with her hands and continued with two stones that pressed against my back, arms, thighs and legs. After the kneading, she placed five to six freshly hot stones on key areas (including the palms of my hands) to allow for deeper muscle relaxation. Once I stayed in position for several minutes and the heat penetrated through every trigger point in my body, I released an “aaaaah” like never before.

If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend that you do, even in the dog days of summer. Hot stone massage helps relieve pain, reduces chronic stress and increases flexibility in joints.