Talbots is Cool

March 29, 2010 at 11:12 am , by

talbots-bagI love Michael Smaldone. Who’s he, you ask? Well, just the genius Creative Director who has transformed Talbots into a really cool brand. Have you noticed how good Talbots is looking lately? Michelle Obama has. And when the best dressed woman in America is wearing it, so should you.

It’s kind of crazy when my mom’s favorite brand is suddenly appealing to me—and I’m not even 40 yet! (Okay, I know I’m getting close but I still shop at American Eagle so clearly I’m fighting that “40-something-look” every way I can!) Their clothes are cut a little closer to the body now, and their jewelry is looking downright modern. And the bags? Don’t get me started on the bags. At their recent fall presentation, I was drooling over all the gorgeous (and well-priced) styles. You’ll have to wait for fall to get the get the one pictured here but you can find other great handbag styles on their website right now. I particularly love this little camel clutch so much that we featured it in our March fashion feature. I’m also dying over this python-embossed leather clutch. And bonus: Most bags cost well under $300, with many under $200.

If that wasn’t enough to get you running to your nearest Talbots, how about this: They’re not just promoting looking good, but they’re doing good too. Talbots is giving $200 gift cards to 600 female veterans as part of Maria’s Shriver’s WE Support program that helps veterans transitioning back to civilian life. In addition, 2,100 military spouses will receive Talbots 30% off discount cards. Now, that’s something that makes shopping feel even better.

Go Ask Gab: Unique Ways to Store Jewelry

January 26, 2010 at 10:12 am , by

Gab, my jewelry box is not big enough for my bigger pieces… do you have any any unique suggestions for how to store jewelry?  – Krista

I have struggled with the same thing in the past and finally came up with a system. I treat my jewelry (and sometimes my bags and shoes) as decoration and display them around my room. I found different ways to keep my pieces neat but also allow me to see everything. Here are some ideasPicture 5:

Hang your necklaces on interesting hooks. I bought two of these door knob hooks from Urban Outfitters. Anthropologie is my all time favorite place for home shopping. You can find all types of cute things like this squirrel hook and inside out bowl. Picture 4

I use unique dishes and plates to store my rings, bracelets and small necklaces. I like to line them up on my window sill or stage them around the room. I love these Warhol themed dishes my friend Tina got me from CB2. Trays or plates also can come in handy. Loving this decorative tray from Target (which is where I found my alphabet plate on the top right picture).

If you don’t have space in your bedroom (maybe you share a room with someone who doesn’t want to be reminded of  how many necklaces you own!)  try using a strip of hooks from The Container Store in your bathroom or closet.

So what’s your system? (Shoving your jewelry in a drawer is not the right answer!)

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Go Ask Gab: Affordable Jewels…

November 10, 2009 at 10:14 am , by

Gab, where can I buy inexpensive jewelry that doesn’t look “cheap?” – Whitney

There are ways to get good jewelry without raiding your mother’s jewelry box… although you should do that too! I am currently “borrowing” several pieces from my mom… some of which I gifted to her and then took back and plan on keeping…oops, love you Mom!

I have found a lot of good deals at sample sales throughout the years but they are harder to come by, especially if you don’t live in NYC. Inexpensive retailers like Target and Forever 21 are always great for cheap trendy items. Etsy is good for interesting unique finds.

What is new to note is that a lot of clothing stores have noticed the statement jewelry trend and have put more of an emphasis on elevating and bulking up their jewelry lines. Not only does this make life easier by being able to do one stop shopping but it’s also easier to get a good deal. Chain stores have better loftysales and you can always wait for in store promotions or coupons. Here are my faves:

LOFT: I was just in the store the other day and they had some amazing pieces… and more coming before the holidays. I am obsessed with the crystal/rope necklace for $44.50. The also have a deal now where you buy one piece of jewelry the second one is 50% off!

OLD NAVY: I found several fun single strand necklaces for only $12.50. Also check out the set of 24 bangle bracelets on sale for $7! (Bangles are my new best friend, which, if you know me is obvious!)

brBANANA REPUBLIC: Their jewelry has been on the mark for awhile now. This adorable bow ring for $35 is a perfect gift for the holiday season.

GAP: I found this cool chain and plaid ribbon necklace for under $30. Love all 3 colors—can’t pick a favorite.

ANN TAYLOR: This fall, a gorgeous statement necklace that we featured in our September issue became the talk of the office. The LHJ ladies were shocked thatjc earrings 2 it was from AT… and several ran out and purchased it immediately! Although that necklace is probably no longer in stores, it proves as an example of what kind of items you can find there.

J. CREW: Now some of their pieces might be a tad pricier, but I couldn’t not mention the Crew. Their pieces are fabulous, and their sales and promotions are even better! These big bold earrings look like they cost way more than $65.

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