Julie Maloney

Ladies We Love: Fresh New You Edition!

March 10, 2010 at 10:52 am , by

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Since it’s Fresh New You week at the Ladies’ Lounge, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite ladies—ones who reinvented themselves or decided to look at their lives in a whole new way. Read their stories and get inspired to try something new or go for that goal you’ve put on hold—the results may surprise you!

Julie Maloney
Julie Maloney is known for her blog, Momspective.com, where she shares her thoughts on everything from parenting to new products, and offers giveaways for her readers. But we love that Julie blogged about her weight loss experience after having kids—she lost 60 pounds playing games on the Wii Fit! While there has been some evidence that the Wii Fit isn’t as effective as a regular workout, Julie proves that you can get out what you put in!

Heidi Krauel
In 2008, Heidi Krauel didn’t just go through a makeover in the sense of just her makeup or clothes—she underwent a complete lifestyle change. She left her job and home in San Francisco to live in New Delhi, India for ten months, where she worked to bring LED technology to people using kerosene lanterns at night. It was all filmed for a documentary called The New Recruits, which shows the impact that social change can make.

Cathy Erway
For many New Yorkers, eating out isn’t just something you do—it’s a way of life. So for Not Eating Out in New York blogger Cathy Erway to decide to cook her own meals in her Brooklyn apartment for two years is kind of a big deal. But she succeeded, and she has a new book, The Art of Eating In, to prove it. Cathy’s foodie makeover wasn’t always easy, but she came away with a greater appreciation for food and where it comes from.