Kate Gosselin

Beauty Coach: Hair Extensions

January 7, 2010 at 4:50 pm , by

Love a big makeover? Check out Kate Gosselin’s long new tresses, courtesy of celebrity stylist Ted Gibson. Gibson used Great Lengths, which are natural hair extensions that are bonded to your own strands. A style change this dramatic takes time (Gibson spent nearly 20 hours) and doesn’t come cheap–Great Lengths run from $750 -$4,000, depending on how much hair is used.



I’ve personally experimented with hair extensions and really like the clip-on variety. Compared to bonded or braided extensions, clip-ons are affordable and simple to remove. (Although they aren’t a good idea for short crops like Kate’s because you need enough hair to hide the clips.) If you have medium length hair or a longer bob with layers and would love extra volume or length, then you can definitely pull them off.

Since I’ve grown out my hair, I only wear my extensions for special occasions, like plumping up a bun for wedding. I may try them this spring to pull off this cool braid from the Alexander Wang show.

Want to give extensions a try? I recommend: Hairdo Clip-in Extensions, $79 or Ted Gibson Clip-In Extension Systems, $149. And check out these expert tricks on how to apply clip-on hair extensions.

Cheat Sheet: 3 Things You Missed While Living Your Life

September 18, 2009 at 5:03 pm , by

1. Kanye West’s Interrupts Taylor Swift
Actually, there’s no way you could have missed Kanye this week. In fact, he knocked our list down from 5 things you missed to 3 because NO ONE ELSE was allowed to make news. It’s how the rap star rolls: usually when he pervades your life, he’s all smiles and shutter shades, but this time he came at us being a jackass (not my choice of phrase; the president’s). Now he’s interrupting the news, has more than a few new blogs, and  “Imma Let You Finish” has entered the Urban Dictionary.

2. Kate Gosselin Joins The View with a New ‘Do

The reverse mullet is gone. What do you guys think?

3. Patrick Swayze Dies at 57

Rest in Peace, Johnny.