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The Top 7 Places To Shop For Kids’ Clothes

March 18, 2010 at 11:19 am , by

As a fashion editor and a mom, I shop for my kids clothes in a different way than most moms. I plan their wardrobes like I’m styling a shoot. Pieces must work together and although comfort is key with kids, they still have to look cute, right?

I’m lucky to be blessed with 2 beautiful daughters who look great in everything but when I’m hunting for great clothes, these are my go-to resources.

fashioncrewcuts fashiongap fashionoldnavy

1. Crewcuts - My hands-down favorite. The cute styling in the catalog is to-die-for but even the basics are perfect. (Yes it’s pricey for kids so I shop the sale section of the website or wait for Grandma to offer!) Sophia loves it too—why else would she choose her Crewcuts silver sequin cardigan and tutu skirt to meet Ariel?

2. Gap - People think of Gap as basic but some of my girls’ cutest items—like the faux fur vest above on Lily that I scored on the sale rack for $6—are from this denim giant. Prices are decent but sales are abundant so I like to wait.

3. Old Navy - No need to wait for the sale here. Prices are amazing and lots of the kids’ clothes have a nice sense of humor. I get a lot of matching items here because the “times 2″ price is still decent.

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