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Tenley Molzahn Talks Episode 5 of The Bachelor

February 1, 2011 at 11:23 am , by

Tenley and Kiptyn at the Andre Agassi Foundation benefit

Tenley and Kiptyn at the Andre Agassi Foundation benefit

The past seven and a half months have been incredibly special for me because I’ve had some amazing opportunities to travel with someone who has become one of my greatest friends: my boyfriend, Kiptyn Locke. In October we were both invited to an extremely special and important benefit for the Andre Agassi Foundation in Las Vegas. We were both so honored to be there and it is still one of our favorite events we have attended together! But it just so happens that this week’s episode was being filmed while we were there! We even bumped into some of our old behind-the-scenes Bachelor folks being all sneaky… but they didn’t fool us, especially after people continued to approach us telling us that The Bachelor was filming around the corner! Plus we had a feeling those fireworks we saw were part of a Bachelor spectacular!

This week Emily took a courageous spin around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway that broke down one huge barrier, allowing her to begin to look ahead to her future rather than stay in the past, remembering a really tragic day. I was struck with emotions as I watched Emily take the wheel in a place that was holding her back—and as she started the engine to that race car she said, “I will not bring anything from my past into today.” She took off on the track and it was like she was shedding old skin to begin anew. It’s amazing how the challenges put before us—as painful as they can be—can be the best things for us. I don’t know Emily, but my heart was full of pride for her!

I am grateful for the places the last seven and half months with Kiptyn have taken me; we’ve met people facing crazy challenges every day. These adventures and my relationship have inspired me to live big and do what I can to make a difference. I am so encouraged to look at life and how I live it, opening my eyes to future dreams and looking forward instead of looking back. Cheers to Emily and all: There are great things to come, today is a new day!