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Kitchen Safety–You can’t just yell “Fire!”

June 2, 2010 at 9:26 am , by

Last week we were in the LHJ Test Kitchen developing a recipe for some delicious little chicken patties (to be seen in an upcoming issue of the mag). I asked our lovely and talented intern, Emily, to prepare them for the broiler—but didn’t specify to brush oil on the actual patties—so she brushed the foil-lined baking sheet with plenty of olive oil and placed the patties onDSC02394 top. Into the broiler they went.

I began to make a few notes on the recipe and looked up to see black smoke shooting through the vents! The oil had caught on fire.

Emily and I looked at each other in panic. We opened the oven and flames rushed out towards us. All my kitchen-safely knowledge started swirling in my brain—but it was all a bit jumbled in the moment.

“Do we do something with baking soda?” I asked Emily. “Where’s our fire extinguisher?” Uhm…I can’t believe I just admitted I didn’t know where the extinguisher was! (We in fact have a very accessible fire extinguisher in the test kitchen, but thank goodness we didn’t need it). I reached through the smoke to turn off the broiler… Read more