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Guilty As Charged: Hair Faux Pas too Commonly Committed

March 19, 2012 at 10:30 am , by

We’ve all been there: You can’t get your curls right, you hair is super dry, or you unconsciously OD on product and are left with a slicked mess. We asked KMS California Artistic Lead, Simon Miller to share 5 of the biggest hair faux pas he’s encountered, and how to fix them.

1.      Not shaking out curls- After you use a curling iron on your hair, don’t be afraid to run your fingers through the curls and shake them out a bit. It will make them look way more natural and effortless.

2.       Towel Turban- Instead of tying your hair up in a towel when you get out of the shower, spray in some leave in conditioner and use a big clip to keep your hair up. This will make your color’s vibrancy last a lot longer!

3.       Too much product in bangs- When you’re putting product in your hair, really rub the product into your hands and apply to the ends and mid shaft of your hair. Your roots and bangs will pick up oil form your scalp and face, so keeping finishing products out of these areas will keep your hair looking cleaner longer.

4.       Know your color maintenance- Make sure to work with your stylist to come up with hair color that works with your schedule. If you don’t have time to be in the salon every 4-6 weeks, get color that grows out well and that looks good as it fades. And take advantage of bang trims! When the front of your hair is on point, if the back is messy, it looks on purpose.

5.       Towel dry techniques- When you’re towel drying your hair, make sure to  blot and squeeze the water out of your hair instead of scrunching and being ruff with the towel. This will keep your hairs cuticle closed which will result in shiny, frizz-free hair.