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What I’m Buying For Fall

September 7, 2010 at 5:20 pm , by

Do you feel that chill in the air? If not, you will soon. And what will you be wearing? As a fashion editor, I’ve been thinking about Fall 2010 since last February when I started seeing what designers would be offering for this season. I’ve given you my takes on some of the most versatile pieces plus the big style heavy hitters. But what’s in it for me?

1. Stuff I already have. After lots of time spent figuring out how I’ll afford a new wardrobe while I save for bigger purchases (like a house), I’ve decided that I’m quite happy with a bunch of the pieces I got for last fall. I’ll still be wearing black sweaters and mini skirts with tights. Jeans will range from skinny dark to baggy faded with not much in between (but don’t forget my new “must-have” jeans!). I’ll still be clomping around in chunky black boots and jewelry will still be on the big (read: sightly obnoxious) side. But there are a few new things I just can’t live without.

2. Something leopard. I’ve decided to go for the ladylike look with these sky-high platform pumps from Tory Burch. I’m generally not a pump person – I tend to trade in my open-toe sandals and switch straight to boots – but I’m smitten with these. Meow!

3. A camel coat. I said I wanted one last year but it never seemed to come to fruition. I think that was meant to be since I am OBSESSED with this gorgeous slouchy one that Talbots is offering this fall. (Yes, Talbots has gotten this cool. Don’t forget – You heard it here first. I mean, seriously? Can you believe Linda Evangelista in the ad! Ah-mazing!)

4. A lady bag. After seeing all the fall collections, I became obsessed with having a small structured bag with a short handle. How divine is this Gucci? And this Prada? Or I’d take this Chloe. Any one of them would do but remember that house I’m saving for? It’s not going to happen! So, I dug in my own personal archives and found this Fendi that I scored at a sample sale more than a decade ago. It’s navy snake with red seed beads and it’s terribly tiny but I’ll have to suffer for style, right?

So, tell me…what are you buying for fall?

Go Ask Gab: Updating Your End-of-Summer Wardrobe

August 17, 2010 at 3:36 pm , by

I’m tired of my summer clothes, but feel like I shouldn’t buy anything new unless it’s fall stuff. What can I do to refresh my wardrobe? Catherine

Catherine I am with you! I had a tantrum in front of my closet yesterday. I began to whine and throw things. When I was done acting like a 6-year-old and turned back into a “mature” 29-year old, I came up with a plan for how I can embrace the few more weeks that I am forced to wear my summer clothes. Here are my ideas.

gag- stretching your summer warbrobeReplace classic summer items that you have totally worn out. (Chances are they’ll be on sale by now.) That pair of tan wedges you’ve had for 3 years and wore everywhere from a baby shower to a BBQ. That black cotton dress that you’ve worn to work and as a beach cover up. Buy replacements now and get a few wears in them. I figured out I desperately needed to update my basic cotton tanks. I went to Gap and picked up their favorite cami, in a few colors. Today I paired the beige one with a black Banana Republic skirt (similar to this paper bag style) that I lived in all summer and it feels fresh. Sometimes it take one piece, even a simple top, to update the mix.

Hit up some of the end of season sales and buy items that will continue into the next season. My J. Crew obsessed boss, got this sequined henley yesterday for 30 percent off. Will she be wearing this next week with a skirt and heels? Yes. Will she be wearing it at the end of October with a blazer and jeans? Absolutely.

Since fall items are already in stores, if you’re going to shop, stick with transitional pieces you can start wearing now. A stylish co-worker bought these green skinny pants from American Eagle and has already been rocking them—and will continue to do so throughout the fall.

Make a list of the items you need for fall (check our our September fashion story for some ideas). You can certainly start purchasing them now. Why not grab a ladylike bag or leopard flats (both huge for fall) and get a head start on the season?

Hopefully this helps keep your closet experiences in the next few weeks tantrum-free!