Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The Reader Interview: Jimmy Fallon

June 28, 2012 at 8:30 am , by

Every month an LHJ reader will get the chance to interview one of their favorite celebrities. This month, Deborah Chamberlain of Wisconsin quizzes the Late Night host Jimmy Fallon about his new comedy CD (Blow Your Pants Off), bucket list, and more.

It’s been ten years since your last comedy album—what made you decide to do another?

It’s been ten years since my last comedy album. MP3′s didn’t even exist. I really wanted to have an album out in this decade.

What’s your favorite track on Blow Your Pants Off and why?

My favorite track on the album is probably “Scrambled Eggs” with Paul McCartney. It wasn’t even supposed to happen really. I was doing the pre-interview with Paul up in his dressing room at Saturday Night Live, you know, just going over what we were going to talk about on our show, stuff like that. So I told him I had a bit if he’d like to do it. He politely declined. So I tell him that it’s based on “Yesterday” and how when he first wrote that song it was titled “Scrambled Eggs” and he told me that he knew that story because HE did it. I felt like Chris Farley. So he politely declines again. So I tried one more time. I started to sing our version of “Yesterday” called “Scrambled Eggs.” “Scrambled eggs, oh my baby how I love your legs, but not as much as I love scrambled eggs. Oh, have you tried scrambled eggs?” Cut to Paul’s head over my shoulder and he’s singing “… waffle fries.” He was in! I said, “You’ll do it?” and he said, “As long as you do it with me!” That’s when I fainted. Read more