How to Wear the Trend: Dark Lipstick

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A year ago we did a “How to Wear It: Dark Lipstick” post. Maybe we’re having deja vu because the deep berry trend is back this fall. It is the perfect shade for autumn after all, right?

Target beauty design partner and celeb makeup artist Napoleon Perdis took a break from prepping for his LA LIVE pop-up makeup station (stop by the Nokia Plaza on Wednesday Oct. 10th if you’re in the LA area) to weigh in on the trend and share a few tips for getting the dark lip look right:
How would you describe this latest version deep dark lips. Is it vampy?

The deep lip trend that we are seeing now is not vampy and not quite a classic red, it is more of a mood-driven, sophisticated deep berry pout.

Who can realistically pull off this looks?

Anyone can pull off a dark lip look, it just has to be the right shade and the right depth.

Does skin tone matter?

Skin tone plays a big role in how your dark lip look will read, or what mood it might create for your overall look. Aim for a dark lip that is not too dramatic a contrast to your skin tone. Anything that contrasts too much will lend itself to a washed out skin look and this can start to look a little goth. You still want to balance your dark lip with warm, soft skin textures.

Does the shade of berry matter?

Yes. Fairer skin tones look great in shades of wine and burgundy, medium skin tones are sophisticated in deep scarlet and cranberry, and deeper skin tones look amazing in shades of mulberry and blackberry.

Do dark lips make you look older?

They can do that if you work the wrong color and texture. To keep it looking fresh, modern, and flattering, go for textures that are more of a velvet feel in a semi matte finish, and steer clear of deeper shades that can be too brown based – you want to keep the warmth of a berry undertone to soften the lip look and not have it look harsh.

How should you prep your lips before wearing a dark shade?

I say line lips first, and last, when working with dark shades. By lining the lips first, you establish the boundaries of lip before you saturate your lips in intense color, but you also finish the lip with the ability to perfect the lip shape further and keep the color in place with the texture of your lip pencil as a barrier to ensure it stays put. Dark colors can make the lips appear smaller as it absorbs light not reflects it, so for those women that want to wear the trend but maintain beautiful pouty lips, pop a dab of gloss on the center of the bottom lip to reflect the light and give the appearance of a fuller lip. Additional tip: Before you start a deep lip, always conceal your lip line first to even out any uneven natural lip pigment, ensuring you will always get the cleanest lip look possible.

Are bright shades still acceptable to wear into the fall and winter? If so, how?

Of course, I say adding lipstick is an instant image adjustment so be driven by your mood, or wear a bright color as a quick pick me up.

Travel Beauty Essentials

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Happy Monday, ladies! I’m the new associate beauty editor here at Ladies’ Home Journal and the newbie here in The Ladies’ Lounge. I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my beauty obsessions and expert recommended tips—and most importantly, hearing from you! I have a weakness for pretty packaging, skin secrets for perpetually clear skin, and any product that will help get me out of the door faster in the morning. For my first post I’d like to focus on something that I can’t seem to get off my mind…vacation. Enjoy!

After a pretty brutal winter, and a summer that won’t seem to come fast enough, I’m beyond ready for a getaway. Although warm days are right around the corner, I can’t stop thinking about blissful spring breaks. These days, a quick trip will more than suffice. It’s also a good time to put my streamlining packing skills to the test.

If a weekend escape from temperamental temperatures is on the horizon for you, you’ll want to pack light without forgetting your most important beauty essentials. Here are some of my favorite travel companions.

Sedu Revolution Pro Shortie Mini Styler Iron ($60,
If my time away doesn’t include afternoon pool dips, I prefer to keep my strands straight. A mini flat iron takes up minimal space, but doles out enough heat to keep frizz at bay.

H. Gillerman Organics Natural Rest Travel Remedy ($48,
Road trips and time zone shifts are a little less uncomfortable with this roll on blend of oils that help ease jet lag and travel uneasiness.

Japonesque Beauty Fixations Tinted Lip Conditioner ($5,
It’s no secret that poor air circulations on airplanes can wreak havoc on our skin (yes, even in two hours). These dab and toss swabs are pretty genius—just snap, swipe, and trash the tips.

Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes ($30,
Blueberries and Coconut helps wipe away the day’s stresses, for a quick refresh with age reversing benefits to boot.

Chris Notti Chain Reaction Sleep Mask ($20,
Let the world around you literally disappear by slipping on a sleep mask. Go ahead, treat yourself to some much-needed Z’s.

What are your beauty travel essentials?

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