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Meet Our New Health and Wellness Blogger Team

January 16, 2013 at 4:01 pm , by

Did you get your hands on a February issue yet? We announced our first round of Journalistas, a team of bloggers we’ll be working with to bring even more cool stuff to the Journal. In the spirit of the new year, we started with our favorite health-savvy ladies. We will be tapping them for fresh takes and great advice on health, nutrition and exercise. The team’s first assignment? Share your healthy-living philosophy in 140 characters or less.

Carla Birnberg
Mizfit Online,
“My equation: move every day + meditation + mindful eating – negativity = feeling great!”
Carla Birnberg is a personal trainer, mom, blogger and fitness fiend. She’s been blogging since 2001, and she launched MizFitOnline in 2007 to share health and fitness knowledge with people who don’t have time or money for their own personal trainer. Besides her thoughtful advice and witty tweets, we love Mizfit’s tagline: “Because fitness isn’t about fitting in.”


Lisa Cain, Ph.D.
Snack Girl, @Snack_Girl
“Small steps make big changes. Fall in love with healthy food. Guilt is a waste of time.”
Lisa Cain may have a doctorate in evolutionary biology, but her real obsession is healthy food, specifically healthy snacks. She and her husband Matt try their best to stay away from too much packaged stuff and instead focus on creating recipes with fresh veggies from their backyard garden. She shares lots of tips for incorporating fresh ingredients and her recipes are so creative, like this zero-guilt chunky onion dip or these DIY peanut butter cups.


Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks, co-founders
Black Girls Run, @BlackGirlsRun
“It’s simple: water, yoga, running and balance,” says Carey
“My recipe for healthy living: run, eat clean and meditate,” says Hicks
According to the CDC, four out of five African-American women are overweight or obese, an unacceptable statistic if you ask the ladies behind Black Girls Run. Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks launched the site in 2009 to encourage African-American women to make exercise and healthy eating a priority. Besides the inspiring blog, you can organize a running group and stay motivated by joining the BGR network.

Lisa Collier Cool
Yahoo! Day in Health, @LisaCollierCool
“To boost heart and brain health, I clip on a pedometer every a.m. and go.”
Lisa Collier Cool is an award-winning health journalist and author whose work has appeared in the Journal. She blogs about the day’s health news for Yahoo!, which means writing about everything from new research on redheads to how to get six-pack abs.


Jenn Walters
Fitbottomed Girls, @FitBottomedGirl
“Walk my pup, eat veggies and lean protein, and do what brings me joy!”
FitBottomedGirls started as a way for two fitness-obsessed friends to stay in touch. Now it’s an online fitness mecca. Jenn Walters updates multiple times each day with everything from DVD reviews to tidbits on healthy eating to personal exercise triumphs (and trials).

Erin Whitehead
Fitbottomed Mamas, @FitBottomedMama
“Eat breakfast every day, get plenty of sleep, run around with my kids, love and laugh.”
Even before the Fitbottomed Girls got pregnant, they thought a site for busy moms to get fitness advice was a great idea. So after Erin Whitehead gave birth to her daughter, she and Walters launched their sister site for FitBottomed Mamas. She posts tons of advice for fitting exercise into your schedule, working out when you’re pregnant or recently post-partum and staying healthy while managing the demands of a growing family.

Watch for our health Journalistas online and in the magazine, and stay tuned to meet our beauty and style teams!


Guest Blog: The 10 Most Surprising Things I’ve Learned as a Health Blogger

December 6, 2010 at 10:58 am , by

My friend Lisa Collier Cool is an award-winning health writer. In fact, her very first published work was a letter to the editor in Ladies’ Home Journal when she was 9 years old! That’s Lisa, right, in Cozumel, Mexico, bonding with a dolphin (“What was most surprising is how the dolphin was so friendly and seemed to be smiling as he gently kissed me,” she says. “It’s amazing how strong and gentle these wonderful animals are.”) In addition to her books and magazine work, Lisa also started blogging this year. I was curious what fascinating things she’s learned from that, so she agreed to share her top 10 list in this guest blog just for the Ladies’ Lounge.

Did you know that it’s possible to survive for months or even years without a heartbeat or pulse? I didn’t until I interviewed someone who had done just that, thanks to a new type of heart pump that’s saving the lives of people who have heart failure, including former vice president Dick Cheney. Here’s a look at 10 more surprising things I’ve learned about health as the lead health blogger for GE’s Healthymagination, covering the latest medical news and innovations from all over the globe, with the help of a team of guest bloggers.

1. Kids who play outside have better vision. Children who spend time outdoors are less likely to develop myopia (nearsightedness), a vision problem that typically starts in elementary school. A recent study found that nearsighted kids spend an average of about eight hours a week outside, compared with more than 12 hours for kids with normal vision. Children with myopia also watched more TV. The researchers theorize that staying indoors, glued to the tube, deprives kids of opportunities to focus on distant objects as their vision develops.

2. A little-known but dangerous disorder affects one in four Americans. Most people (85 percent) have never heard of metabolic syndrome and don’t know that it’s a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors, including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal lipid (cholesterol) levels and an apple-shaped body. And of the more than 211,000 men and women polled, less than 1 percent thought they had it themselves. Actually, 50 million Americans suffer from metabolic syndrome, tripling their risk for heart attack and stroke and quintupling it for type 2 diabetes.

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