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To Move Or Not To Move?

September 14, 2009 at 6:04 pm , by

Aah, men. We love them, we hate them, we use them as pillows and punching bags (not literally, of course) and psychologists all in one. And no matter how baffling their behavior, we always try to figure them out! Analyzing what he meant when he said this and how he looked when he did that can provide hours upon hours of entertainment, can’t it? I’m Jen, your neighborhood relationships blogger. I’ve been in a serious relationship for a few years, and though I’ve promised my wonderful, loving, understanding boyfriend I won’t share too much (hi, honey!), I have to dish at least a little! I’ll also have some guest bloggers that are blissfully wed to get a little married-lady perspective.

imageCurrently on my mind is a rather weighty topic. (Is it too soon to get serious? I hardly know you!) Right now, I live by myself, and my partner lives by himself, and we’ve been thinking about merging the selves under one roof. The discussion started for various reasons, but it mostly came up because we’re ready to really commit. Of course, there are tons of pros (and cons) we’ve been weighing endlessly cheaper rent, more enjoyable grocery-shopping trips and dinners eaten together versus less privacy, more-cramped quarters and having to share a bathroom–but I’m glad we’re really thinking it through before we take the jump.

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