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Cross Over to the Darkside with Tarte for True Blood

June 20, 2011 at 5:41 pm , by

True Blood fans have less than a week to go before the June 26th premiere of season four, and in honor of the event, Tarte Cosmetics will be launching a limited-edition collection that was (very obviously) inspired by the show.

Brigette Myre-Ellis, head of makeup for the show and Anna Paquin’s personal makeup artist, teamed up with Tarte to help create a series of vampy, character-evoking looks. The packaging alone is, um, to die for—there’s a lace-up corset-adorned palette, for starters—as are the contents:

Tarte for True Blood Collector’s Palette, $52
This eye palette packs 17 delicious shades, a primer, a mascara, and an eyeliner. Myre-Ellis also helped create four signature looks to try, each of which comes with instructions. For Sookie Stackhouse’s sparkling doe eye, try the Not Your Average Waitress colors. Or throw caution to the wind and try the Vamp Glam colors.

Natural Cheek Stain, $30
You know that flush you get from watching Sookie and Bill (or Eric? Or Alcide?) Recreate it with this natural, blood flow-mimicking stain.

LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint, $24
Though it can’t quite grant you a thousand-year lifespan, this reddish tint is spiked with anti-agers. Lip-plumpers, too.  That—plus the mint infusion—leaves you ready for your Bill Compton close-up, which is no doubt coming any minute.

Available June 22, 2011 at Sephora.

Guest Blogger: Easy, Beachy Waves

December 8, 2010 at 10:00 am , by

Editor’s note: Karen is a California-based beauty blogger. Check her out at

So maybe Mother Nature, aka The Queen of Coif, was a little stingy in the beachy waves department. No worries. You can still take that stick straight mane into the wavy zone with the Revlon Perfect Heat 3 Barrel Deep Waver Styling Curling Iron ($25).

With 30 heat settings, you’re sure to find at least one that works for you, and when you do you won’t have to wait long. The device, which looks like three jumbo curling irons attached together at the sides and works kinda like one of those big crimping irons from the ’80s (remember those?), heats up in less than a minute.

And it’s a breeze to use. Just place a chunk of hair into the Deep Waver, and let the heat go to work. After about 30 seconds, slide the device about two inches further down the same chunk of hair, and repeat the process of waiting and sliding until you reach the ends. Tada! Easy beachy waves.

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