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Ali Vincent’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 17

April 27, 2011 at 10:49 am , by

What a week! I had so much fun going back to the Biggest Loser campus like I do every season. One of my favorite things about being the first female biggest loser is probably that I have kind of become the unofficial Biggest Loser mom. Every time I meet a contestant I give them a huge hug and whisper into their ear that “this too shall pass.” Most of us had no idea what we were really signing up for when we tried out for the show, and only being on campus can quite explain it. It helps to know that others have been in your shoes and have not only survived, but also thrived.

This week was truly a week of celebration, and a week of favorites. Sam and I got to share a couple of our favorite recipes with the contestants and run them through some of our favorite circuit moves, while Tara competed against the contestants in one of the ultimate Biggest Loser challenges. But most importantly, we each had the opportunity to spend quality with the contestants.

This is the point in the season when a good heart-to-heart is not only wanted, but also needed. By now the remaining contestants know what to do to lose weight, so now is the time to ensure that the dots get connected in regards to why they continue to lose weight or why not. The truth is that although The Biggest Loser is a gift to everyone who’s had the chance to participate, in reality it’s only 2.2 seconds of our entire lives. Returning to our lives back at home is what really puts us to the test and challenges us to succeed in communicating, loving and experiencing our old worlds with our renewed spirit. So this is when why you’re losing the weight becomes more important than how to lose the weight. Read more