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LHJ Catches Up with the Chapmans

December 8, 2010 at 11:42 am , by

SCC & Mary BethIn 2008, Grammy winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his family suffered a tragic loss, when their 5-year-old adopted daughter, Maria, was accidentally struck and killed by the car her older brother was driving. Since then, Steven, his wife Mary Beth, and their five children have used their faith, along with support from family, friends and fans, to help pull them through. They’ve also focused on their passion for adoption— Mary Beth wrote the New York Times best-selling memoir, Choosing to See, and together they started the non-profit organization, Show Hope, which helps others adopt.

Meaningful_3D_O_RGB[2]Steven, meanwhile, turned to his music. He just received his 15th Grammy Award nomination for his latest album, Beauty Will Rise. He also recorded the heartfelt tune, “Meant to Be,” for the latest VeggieTales DVD, It’s A Meaningful Life. We caught up with the couple to see how they are coping, and to hear an exclusive performance of “Meant to Be,” which you can check out below.

Ladies’ Home Journal: Is “Meant to Be” a tribute to Maria?

Steven: Maria’s story and life was definitely a thread woven through this song. I think what anchored us through the time of grief and loss was knowing that God really does orchestrate things. I met Maria when I was in Beijing and I bumped into a family working for an orphanage in China— they wanted to get an autograph—and they were holding these two little orphan girls and I just wanted to hold one of them because I was missing my two girls at home. Her name was Maria and I fell in love with her. So I think about that “chance” meeting and how meant to be her life was. The song for me was very much inspired by the life of Maria and how she touched the lives of so many people. Read more