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Guest Blogger: The Perfect Family Gift

December 15, 2010 at 2:43 pm , by

It’s getting down to the wire for holiday shopping (only 10 shopping days left ’til Christmas!), so this week we turned to Merrier Shopping‘s June Pfaff Daley for some expert gift-giving advice. She tackled one of the trickier items on most everyone’s list: the family who already has everything.

A few weeks ago, the following reader e-mail came my way:

“Ok, I need help! My kids have it all (I am not bragging.) I want to give them time together as a family. I have 3 daughters with 3 children each and a husband. I would like to put together a package of things to do together. (movie tickets, events, etc. ) not a lot of money, but maybe  $100 per family. Any ideas?
Thank you, Sally”

I thought this was a great question. After all, many of us are in the same boat, wondering what to buy a family on our list that already has pretty much everything. I admire Sally for wanting to give them time together as a family. What better gift? Here are several ideas to assemble the perfect family gift:

Family Night Out
One of our favorite family date nights is dinner out and a trip to the bookstore. You could gift a similar evening by purchasing a gift certificate to a local pizza parlor along with a gift certificate to a bookstore. Package the certificates with a classic book like Curious George and the Pizza or More Spaghetti, I Say! to tie the two together. After pizza, the family could go to the book store where every family member gets to pick a book.

Movie Night In
Purchase several classic family-friendly DVDs like The Sound of Music, Annie and The Wizard of Oz. Include a popcorn making machine such as the West Bend Stir Crazy (we love ours!) or the Presto Hot Air Popper. Include popcorn kernels along with movie-size boxed candies. You could also include cups with lids so drinks can be enjoyed with no spills on the family carpet.

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