Can This Marriage Be Saved? My Husband Is Back From War – And Totally Changed

May 26, 2011 at 3:08 pm , by

We all love the barbecues, parades and patriotism of Memorial Day – not to mention the day off – but in the spirit of the true purpose of the holiday, this week’s marriage drama highlights the realities of life as a solider. Greg, a father of two and member of the Army’s Special Forces, has been deployed to Afghanistan twice during the 12 years he’s been married to Maggie and is returning again in a few months.

Maggie’s turn It’s as if Greg never really came home. He’s totally withdrawn, spends all his time alone, won’t do any of the activities or take any of the trips Maggie planned for his return and refuses to go to church with his family. She can’t imagine how hard it was for him overseas, but that’s part of the problem – he won’t discuss it. He gives her grief about their two kids being spoiled, even though they’re doing well in school and behaving, and he treats them like mini-recruits. She comes from a military family so she’s used to long absences and, though she hated them at first, it’s gotten easier each time her husband has left. She’s developed systems to run the family while he’s away, so she’s resentful when he’s critical of them. She’s afraid if they stay so disconnected, they won’t be married when he comes home the next time. Read more

Do Good: Crafting Cards For Operation Write Home

May 5, 2010 at 4:34 pm , by


Inspired by the Operation Write Home mention in our May issue, members of our editoriastarpunchl staff decided to spend their lunch hour crafting blank, homemade Father’s Day cards to be sent overseas to the troops. It took some of us a moment to realize that soldiers probably like to send their own fathers a card for the holiday, and that they can’t simply stop by a drugstore to pick one up. We stamped, cut, glued and colored, and were able to produce 240 cards. Not bad for a day’s work! Donated products and paper from the company Stampin’ Up! made both the experience and our cards extra fabulous—we all fought over the star hole punch. Why not take some time of your own to make a few blank cards for the men and women serving our country? They need cards for every occassion, and it was tons of fun too!