Meet the Girls

September 3, 2009 at 10:00 am , by

Sophia and LilyI’m going to be blogging about my life as a mom, so I might as well introduce you to my subjects, right? Here they are: Sophia and Lily—my delicious little girls.

Sophia was born in 2005, so that makes her 4 going on 16. She has long brown hair that’s been cut only twice (if you don’t count the time my mother-in-law decided that her bangs needed a trim, but that’s another story for another day). She has her dad’s long legs and her mom’s smile. She lost her front tooth by smacking it into a piece of furniture right before her 4th birthday. Oops. She is very well spoken—using words like ‘perhaps’, ‘enormous’, and ‘ridiculous’—so she must be brilliant. (But doesn’t every parent think their child is a genius?)  She loves princesses and ballerinas and Barbies and pink and glitter and shoes and pretty dresses and makeup and nail polish and everything else a 4-year-old girl should be interested in. And daddy is her Prince.

Lily was born in 2008. She’s our silly little adventurer—she climbs on everything and babbles all day long. She has strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes—which neither my husband nor I have. (My mom has blue eyes so yes, a baby can get an eye color from only one recessive gene.) When you say the word “dance”, she smiles and shakes her body. Every single thing she owns is a hand-me-down but she doesn’t seem to mind…yet. When we ride in the car with the windows down, she puts her hands up and yells “Weeee!” She is obsessed with her daddy, Dora, cheerios, ice cream, and the alphabet—not necessarily in that order.

So, there they are—my little nuggets. It’s nice to meet you!