Mother’s Day

Get Yourself a Mother’s Day Present – Win a Windows Phone!

May 2, 2012 at 9:30 am , by

I’m a big believer in carving out a bit of me-time every day, so any time I find a gadget that helps simplify my routine, I’m happy.  The new Windows Phone from Nokia does just that, and since Mother’s Day is coming up, we thought it would be nice to give one away as a treat for all the busy Moms who make life simpler for everyone in their family. Here’s how I think it’ll help free up some time:

Live Tiles – In the Windows Phone world, your screen has “tiles,” or buttons that link to photos, programs, etc. Kind of like apps, except that you can make almost anything a tile. You can have a best friend (or a husband) app on your start screen that pulls in all of that person’s photos, Facebook, and Twitter updates, so can keep up to date on your favorite people without going to three different social media sites.  Or you can make an important contacts tile that keeps phone numbers for your pediatrician, school, and babysitters all in one place. If your kids are a little older, make a family tile and you can text message everyone at once.

Camera – this is a small thing, but my jaw dropped when I first figured it out. Say your kid (or in my case, my dog) is doing something adorable and you want to take a picture. Instead of taking out your phone, unlocking it, entering your password, and opening the camera app, all you have to do is point it at the cuteness and hold down the camera button. It’ll bypass the lock function and take the picture immediately.

To enter to win a Windows phone,  just leave a comment below!

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Father’s Day with No Dad

June 17, 2011 at 1:01 pm , by

This hasn’t been my best week as a single mom. Last weekend I was terribly sick with bronchitis; I needed to crawl back in bed and stay there all weekend. Instead, I went on what I’ve been terming the Single Parent’s Death March. This when you need to be in bed but your active 4-year-old is totally done with TV after 2 hours and if you don’t get out of the house somebody’s gonna kill somebody, you’re not sure who will be the perpetrator, but it’s clear that blood will be shed. So instead of lying comatose under the covers, coughing and sneezing pitifully and giving a grateful, rheumy-eyed half-smile to the person bringing you chicken soup, you get dressed, get out, and start walking. You walk all day. In the park. Through the zoo. Through the street fair. To the playground. After about a 7-hour Death March you can go home, make dinner, clean up and collapse, so you can start the next day’s Death March bright ‘n’ early. Maybe this isn’t just single parents, to be fair—I guess if your kids aren’t in school and you’re a stay-at-home parent, you have the same situation on weekdays. But anyway… delightful.

So I’m barely recovered from my bronchitis/Weekend Death March experience and oh, joy! It’s Father’s Day week! And my kid has no dad. His preschool is planning a Donuts for Dads party. At the Mother’s Day Breakfast, the kids all sang, “Mommy loves me, this I know, for she always tells me so,” to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.” Mommy as Jesus… a little weird, but who am I to argue? It worked out fine, since all the kids had moms. But was my son going to have to sing similar lyrics for Father’s Day, detailing his loving relationship with the father he does not have? My dad died when I was 22 months old, and I remember dreading school Father’s Day celebrations, which never made room for students like me. Instead, they were a yearly reminder both of my loss and of my marginality. I needed better ideas, stat. Read more

Cheat Sheet: Four Things You Maybe Missed This Week

May 6, 2011 at 11:24 am , by

1. Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

The mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. was killed by American military and C.I.A. operatives who tracked him to a compound in Pakistan. Above, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others monitor the Navy SEALS mission from the Situation Room of the White House.

2. Staples City

Artist Peter Root created his own city called Ephemicropolis out of 100,000 staples. No word yet if it’ll be transported for veiwing at the actual Staples Center.

3. Cinco de Mayo

As celebrated by a dancing Golden Retriever. Ole!

4. Mother’s Day is Sunday

…And sometimes it just doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Thank A Mom, Help Women’s Hearts

May 4, 2011 at 6:16 pm , by

AHA-momIn case you haven’t been tipped off at the supermarket, the drugstore, or your local Hallmark retailer in the past few days—Mother’s Day is Sunday. Quick, to the card aisle! And also, send an e-card! While I’m a huge advocate of paper cards with handwritten notes in them for every occasion, I love this promotion from the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women and Macy’s. For every e-card sent, Macy’s will donate $5 to Go Red For Women, one of our favorite women’s health advocacy organizations.

All you have to do is go to the “Thank A Mom” Facebook page, select the Go Red For Women movement (they’re one of five participating organizations), and then create your card. You can use one of the preloaded designs or upload your own, and write a personal note. If your mom is super cool like my mom and is on Facebook, you can post it directly to her wall. Or you can just enter her e-mail address. You can send up to 10 cards a day, so be sure to send one to all your friends and relatives who are moms, too!

Happy Mother’s Day from the LHJ Health Ladies!

Hot Mindfulness Tip for Mother’s Day: Keep your focus in the present and you’ll eat fewer worms.

May 9, 2010 at 12:59 am , by

“Look, Mommy, look!” my three-year-old son often says, as I charge ahead, my mind on whatever’s supposed to happen an hour from now. I’ll look, and there will be something mundane yet magical that I walked right past. An anthill, maybe, or a bike rack that looks like the letter W, or a crack in the sidewalk that resembles the splintering glacier from his favorite Dora and Diego video. When I focus on it—Scott usually hopping up and down with excitement—I always have to agree, it is pretty cool.

One of the things I love about being a mom is being forced to bring my attention back to whatever’s happening right now. Scott doesn’t let me miss a thing and I’m so grateful. As the psychology editor at LHJ, I’m constantly reading about the benefits of mindfulness—i.e., staying focused on the present moment. It can help lower depression and anxiety, boost your immune system, increase your ability to concentrate and even relieve pain. And I was just working on our upcoming feature on memory, which talks about how multitasking and doing things on autopilot—the opposite of mindfulness—causes absentmindedness. (Who, me?)

Bottom line, mindfulness=happier, healthier, smarter. Multitasking=stupid.

I got a literal taste of that equation a few nights ago. A friend came over for dinner. I poured the wine, set out the cheese and opened up a brand-new package of 3-seed flatbread. Then, with my mind already on the remaining preparations for the main course, I snapped off a shard of cracker, topped it with a slice of Manchego and popped it in my mouth as I turned toward the stove. Then came the familiar cry: “Look, Mommy, look!” Scott was jumping up and down, pointing to the cracker I’d set out for him. My friend was laughing in a way that I did not like. Time slowed down. I stopped. I looked closely. I was mindful. Five crucial seconds too late. Read more

Great Kitchen Finds For Mother’s Day

May 4, 2010 at 10:07 am , by

Hmmm… what should I get Mom this year? Check out some of our fave products that are perfect for the kitchen-savvy mama.

* If your mom likes looking good while cooking, a girly, frilly apron is a must-have. Jillie Willie put our favorite apron on sale just for us. The Fancy Up Apron is now only $34.50!

* Does your mom like to bake pies? Help her get prepared with the Kitchen Krafts Pie Essentials Kit for the in-season spring and summer fruits.

* Go with a pretty spring theme and get your mom a Nordicware Floral Cupcake Pan. Don’t forget to bake cupcakes for her after she opens it!

* No kitchen is complete without a heavy-duty baking dish. You can make everything from fillet of sole to brownies in it, so this is a gift Mom can use all year round. Present the sleek and colorful Calphalon Ceramic Baker with her favorite dinner in it!

* Here’s a fun activity for you and Mom to share: home canning and preserving. (Yep, canning is cool again!) Try the new Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit.

* Spring and summer means delicious fresh fruit. Making your own juices is super-quick with the Cuisinart Citrus Juicer. Just present it to Mom with a nice, cold glass of freshly-squeezed OJ.

* Does your mom like a little spice? Organize her dried herbs and spices with the Super SpiceStack. It’s convenient, cute and it doesn’t take up too much space on the counter or in a cabinet.

For more Mother’s Day gift ideas check out our 2010 Mother’s Day Gift Guide!