Pretty vs. Tough: A No-Compromise Hand Soap

September 10, 2009 at 3:22 pm , by

Motif familyI tend to be obsessively clean and find myself washing my hands after nearly every task throughout the day. (Although my office desk does not appear this way, so please don’t judge!) Of course, I love a sweetly scented hand soap and indulge in anything that veers on the feminine side: a frothy cream base, heady floral fragrance and intricate bottle. At home, I would indulge in this seemingly simple treat, but can’t completely partake because I live with my boyfriend. He doesn’t allow the girly stuff. No, he thinks a hand soap is more akin to dish soap: It should strip hands of oil and wash everything clean.

So when I recently snuck in a bottle of this gorgeous Motif soap, I was worried that it would be booted out of the bathroom because of its chic, graphic label and sophisticated scent. Surprisingly, he told me that he liked it. He was drawn to the cypress; I loved the subtle pear note. I think it’s kind of like the Goldilocks of hand soap: not too girly, not too manly, but just right. Another thing we can both agree on? The $4 price tag. Find more scents from Motif at Target.

And now it’s my turn to snoop in your bathroom. Are there certain beauty goodies that you’ve had to compromise to make a shared bathroom a more peaceful place? Or is there something that you just won’t give up?