Nate Berkus

Our Favorite Pieces From Nate Berkus For Target

January 17, 2014 at 8:00 am , by

For the past couple of years interior design tycoon Nate Berkus has been bringing his signature tastes to Target, and we’re especially excited about the upcoming Spring 2014 collection. According to Berkus, all that you have to do to understand the driving force behind this season’s design is look up. He found inspiration in the jewel-toned colors of the night sky and infused them into his work. The web team has rounded up some of our most-wanted items—spoiler alert: we have a thing for gold.

Gold Plated Lamp

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"Cool geometric shape and it's gold? Be still my heart. This would be a way-more-chic replacement for the boring lamp from college that's still collecting dust in my living room a decade later." - Amanda Wolfe, Senior Digital Director

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