Congrats to Our Winners!

September 21, 2011 at 12:41 pm , by


After blogging about our six-week Younger You plan, we wanted to reward our lovely fans and followers with a giveaway. One of our favorite motivational tips from the series was to wear a pedometer. We love seeing how many steps we can rack up in a day, and we thought you might like to try them too. So we drew three names from our entries, above (that’s me on the left and LHJ‘s health director Julie on the right).

After we picked our winners, we wanted to follow up with them, too. Not just because they each got an awesome Omron pedometer, but also because their tips were inspiring. Here’s what they shared:

“My daughter has swim practice at 5:30 am. Instead of heading back home and into bed, I walk for 60 minutes. I also find myself not looking for the closest parking spot at the market, but will park farther away. It’s amazing how changing one habit in your life ends up changing so many other little ones as well.” —Tricia

“I try to drink more water and eat healthier all the time. I no longer eat meat of any kind, too…More veggies and fruit.” —Cecilia

“I joined Weight Watchers and lost 26 pounds… I need to start walking regularly, more weight to lose :) ” —Heather

Congrats to Tricia, Cecilia and Heather! You can read the rest of our fans’ health tips on our Facebook page here. Thanks for playing, and cheers to a younger you!