Beauty Coach: 5 Minute Foot Massage

October 15, 2009 at 11:30 am , by

ss_101379395Does anyone actually read the instructions that come with newly purchased creams, cleansers and the like? Confession time: I usually don’t. When the product is pretty straightforward, I just recycle the directions with my junk mail.

Don’t get me wrong, I do follow directions, but they are almost always printed on the back of the bottle and I’ve never been one for filing. If the product is more complicated, i.e. needs to be plugged in or operates on batteries, I will tuck it into my “random documents” folder. It’s crammed with take-out menus, my ricer cooker warranty and dry cleaning receipts, so it may take me a while to actually find it.

footcream_packaging_openThe only set of directions I can truly produce on command is a little card that came with my Orna Foot Cream. The card has illustrated directions on how to massage your ankles, heels, soles, arches, balls and toes in five minutes. (The cream itself is an amazing formula which absorbs quickly, so your feet don’t feel greasy). I keep them both on my nightstand next to my favorite lip balm and hand cream. I recommend doing the massage after a long day of stomping around in heels or boots. Now that boot season is back, that’s just about every night for me. (And just because your sandals are in storage, it’s no excuse to let your toes go! Keep your feet looking great with these easy pedicure tips.)

Have you ever saved any beauty instructions or do you have a favorite tip you learned from a product’s packaging? I’d love to know!