Holiday-Perfect Pajama Sets

November 29, 2013 at 8:00 am , by

We couldn’t be happier to say that vintage-inspired pajama sets are coming back with a bang and not a minute too soon! It’s been a whole lot of baggy tees and ratty shorts around here but we’re upgrading our loungewear starting now! Whether you need a pajama revamp yourself or you’re looking for a cozy holiday gift, we found the perfect pj sets for the holiday season and beyond.

Gilligan & O'Malley Women's Satin Pajama Set

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We love the unique pattern on this PJ set. Plus, the budget-friendly price means you can gift them to all your besties.

Buy it now, $25

Go Ask Gab: Pajama Makeover

June 7, 2011 at 1:32 pm , by

Gab, I need new pajamas. I don’t think my husband appreciates the cat and snowflake set that my mother got me for Christmas that I wear all year round. Any suggestions? – Deb

First things first, why is your mother even buying them for you? Tell her to stop! We discussed this in our June Isn’t It Time for a New Look? story. We showed what most women wear; a miss-matched random assortment of unflattering items:

(Confession: those dessert covered pants are actually mine. BUT I haven’t worn them since I joking wore them in college and gained the nickname “cakey”.)

And then the kind of pajamas ladies should be wearing; a cute, matching set:

(Just to redeem myself from the previous embarrassing admission, I happen to own this too!)

If you are wearing cat/snowflake/cake covered PJ’s (a la Ally McBeal and her dancing baby) then being comfortable is obviously you first priority. Apologizes to your husband but I’m not going to suggest anything super sexy, impractical and not child-appropriate. But I am sure he will be some-what pleased by my suggestions.

First step is to stay clear of any silly prints or patterns. If you are going to choose anything but a solid go for a plaid or a stripe. A cute striped short set is certainly a better option. So is a simple pair of black leggings and a relaxed tee. It’s form fitting and even shows off some shoulder (HOT!). Department stores have a great variety but I have to say GapBody and Aerie are my go-tos and carry only cute, comfy stuff.

Or how about a night gown? Calypso for Target has this cute printed nightgown and I love this simple Nautica blue dress. A friend recently told me how her husband loves when she wears a men style shirt to bed. I mean I am no man but I think the look is super cute (and plays right into the menswear trend for regular clothes). Whether blue or plaid or satin or a matching pant set, you can’t go wrong!

If you are down to wear something a bit sexier, choose a pretty chemise or a satin set (like the one pictured). If you are looking for something sexier than that… I’m sure you can find it yourself!

I know it’s silly to put effort in to something you just sleep in but at least do it for your husband’s sake. If you aren’t married (or don’t care about impressing your husband anymore) then do it for yourself. Seriously if you look good you will feel good and then probably sleep better as well! If that isn’t a good reason then just think about the slight chance that you are awoken by a fire in the middle of the night. Would you really want hot firemen to see you in head-to-toe cat pajamas??? Sleep on that!

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