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Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Fall

July 26, 2012 at 3:06 pm , by

We know that you’re all knee deep in summer fun but your favorite fashion retailers just can’t wait for Fall to be underway. Would you believe that they’re starting to stock cashmere and wool already? Get a jump on the season now (or even just do a little window shopping and come back when it’s on sale!) but remember to always survey last year’s winter clothes first. That way, you’ll buy only what you really need.

Some of our favorites:

J Crew cashmere polka dot sweater

Zara coat with applique sleeves

Gap piped academy blazer

Boden wool midi skirt

Old Navy rock star skinny jeans

Club Monaco Diane silk maxi dress

(Yes, I know. It’s not fall-ish but I’m dying over it and I know I would wear it right now like this and then all winter long with a sweater and tights. Would that look great?)

Ann Taylor leather metro crossbody bag

DV by Dolce Vita at Piperlime short suede ankle boot

Hope you feel ready for fall now! Happy shopping!

Let me know in the comments what you’re looking forward to this fall.


Go Ask Gab: Seeing Spots

August 30, 2011 at 12:50 pm , by

Gab, I see that polka dots are a big trend for fall. How do I wear them and not look like a 4-year-old? — Kathy

Looking like a clown is more of a fear for me. Although after watching the VMAs on Sunday, apparently looking like a clown is in right now (see Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj).gag-polkasept

First rule of polka dots: less is more. Only wear one polka-dot item at a time. Your best options are a dress or a top. For dresses, choose one that hugs your body a bit and shows off your shape;  like the Yoana Baraschi dress, we shot for our September story, (shown right) or this Beyond Vintage dress that ties at your waist. Don’t choose big, loose styles. If you wear a tent-like dress don’t be surprised if someone comes up to you and asks if you know how to make balloon animals!

The easiest and safest option are dotted tops. Pair a silk tee with some skinny jeans and flats. Wear a loose blouse with flares and heels. Rock a button-down shirt with some cargoes and wedge booties. Or go retro with a black and white dot cardigan worn with a black pencil skirt. See polka dots are not just for kids!

If you want to push it a bit and have a little fun, polka dot tights can be fun and sexy! But definitely don’t pair with a polka dot dress. (See the first rule of polka dots, above.)

Two other things that need to be addressed: 1. Color. Black and white is a classic safe bet but deviating a little bit away from neutral zone is okay too. For example, this Juicy Couture navy dress with pink polka dots adds color without going overboard. 2. Dot Size. Try to stay in the small to medium range. Big polka dots will make you look like a Twister board and then you will have people shouting “right hand, yellow” at you all day. Just sayin…