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Giant Post-It Art

August 4, 2010 at 4:33 pm , by

Walking through New York’s Grand Central Station, I’m used to seeing the beautiful architecture and art deco chandeliers. Yesterday, however, the gigantic billboard made out of thousands of Post-its caught me by surprise.

Post-its turn 30 this year, and to celebrate this birthday, Post-it Brand teamed up with Publicolor, a not-for-profit organization that paints the interiors of public schools and buildings in at-risk communities in bright, fun colors. They challenged kids to complete the phrase “In 30 years I will…” by creating a collage made entirely of Post-it products. The winners of the art contest, Ysanne Taylor, 16, and Allison Hilgert, 17, saw their project transformed into an oversized billboard version by pushpin artist Eric Daigh.

The giant billboard of Post-Its

Daigh used over 100,000 Super Sticky Post-its to create this massive billboard, which measures 40 feet wide and 44 feet tall. Check out more photos of Post-it art after the jump. Read more