Prince…Fashion Icon?

February 8, 2011 at 3:26 pm , by

I went to see Prince last night at Madison Square Garden and I couldn’t help but have a few fashion thoughts pop into my head during the show (when I wasn’t busy singing along, dancing, and just generally being thrilled to be there).

So, I give you my Fashion Musings About Prince.

1) I’m usually not a fan of the mock turtleneck but when it’s covered in gold sequins and worn with a bell bottom pant and matching gold boots AND worn by Prince, somehow it works. My date for the show, my dear friend Jimmy Nolan, compared the outfit to something Liza might wear. I think he meant that in the very best way.

2) I wore huge high heeled boots to the show because I figured if this short man (who is in his 50s!) can entertain me all night in high heeled boots then this short 30-something lady can certainly be entertained in mine. (And note to self for the future: if your heel tip is wearing low on said boots, replace before the Prince concert because you will dance that little tip off.)

3) If you’re not sure how to accessorize head to toe gold sequins, a leopard guitar strap is always a good idea.

4) Once you’ve exhausted your sequin tunic, silk charmeuse works nicely too.

5) If you’re short like us (that’d be me and Prince), switching to a modest wedge boot later in the night will still give you the height bump us shorties so desperately desire while giving your tootsies a little break.

6) What we can all learn about fashion from Prince: Have a style. Your own style. Love it. Own it. And wear it with confidence.

In closing, I feel the need to say a few other non-fashion related things about Prince.

1) If you have never seen him live, please do so. There is no one else who puts on such a great show. (That’s right, Madonna. I’m talking to you.) Since he just finished his tour, you might need to wait awhile but I promise – he’s worth the wait!

2) And Kim Kardashian, When Prince pulls you on stage to dance with him, you dance! You don’t stand there looking embarrassed. Sincerely, Me. (See the shame — and a great picture of the gold sequin mock turtle —  here.)

3) Find out which Prince song will be featured on an upcoming episode of Glee right here — with Gwyneth!

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. So, tell me…have you ever seen His Purpleness in concert? Have you ever worn gold sequins head to toe?