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A Playroom of Their Own

December 23, 2010 at 12:26 pm , by

See that beautiful piece of furniture over there? That’s the Disney Princess Musical Vanity and up until 2 days ago, it was an object of decor in my living room. That’s right – in my living room. Along with several other pinkalicious toys.  You see, I was living in a townhouse and though it featured several large bathrooms and closets that dreams are made of, our girls were sharing one small bedroom and they had no playroom of their own. But now, we’re 48 hours into being homeowners where the girls have a bedroom each and a toy filled playroom. We set up the room last night while the girls are spending a few days with their grandparents. I had visions of what to do with this dark wood-paneled brown-carpeted room. Crisp white paint on the walls. Tons of bright colored picture frames with their artwork. A slipcover for our old loveseat made from this fabric. (Yes, I know it’s a duvet cover but isn’t that really just a big piece of fabric?) I was even going to take their classic letters that decorated the old nursery and hit them up with a little neon spray paint. But last night, we just unpacked the toys and put them all around the room. It looks so great – in all it’s pink glory – that I don’t think they’ll even notice the brown carpet and the wood-paneled walls. At least for now.

The room sure is a nice treat for them. (Just don’t tell them it’s really for me so I could get my living room back!)

So, tell me…do your kids have a place of their own or are their toys all over the place?