Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 8

July 3, 2012 at 1:55 pm , by

This episode was the one that pulled at my heartstrings the most. My hometown dates on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are some of my favorite memories of all time. I felt the most comfortable with the guys at that point and like I could just be myself. Plus, the whole process of going those dates made me feel like finding that special someone was truly possible. Meeting the family adds a healthy sense of reality to this whole process, and I’ve always loved all of my ex-boyfriend’s families. To me, this is one of the most important parts of this crazy journey.

The first hometown date just happens to be in Chicago with Chris! My heart will always have a place in Chicago. Oddly enough, even though I chose Ed on The Bachelorette, I never did get that hometown date. Hmm… Anyway, I loved seeing all of the familiar places and corners and things that I loved about Chicago. It made my heart go pitter-patter! I wasn’t really a fan of Chris at the beginning, and I don’t know if it’s because of this Chi-town visit or what, but he’s definitely growing on me! He seems very genuine, but sometimes I feel like he needs to just loosen up a bit. His family also seemed very warm and sweet, however, I have to say I never saw the sparks. It was actually a little boring. :-(

Now on to Jef! First off, I loved Emily’s outfit—so cute. And I love that they went on a western-style date. Jef shooting guns was amazing! Just three minutes into their date I was sold! But how heartbreaking was it that his parents weren’t there? I did kind of like the big family meeting, and I know Emily was intimated, but in the long run I think that approach is worthwhile. I have to admit, I loved Jef’s hipster vibe in the beginning but I didn’t feel that hunky vibe from him until this episode. Maybe it was the farm, the guns or the big family, but now I think this dude is a serious catch. It was also nice to see how playful and cute Emily is with him. She seems like she can totally be herself when they’re together. Read more

Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 7

June 26, 2012 at 2:20 pm , by

This week we’re down to six men in Prague, and I knew by the looks of last week’s preview that things were going to get very interesting.

Is anyone surprised that Arie got the first one-on-one date? Emily didn’t hesitate to confront him about the “little” bit of information he had been keeping from her. It turns out that Arie briefly dated one of the producers on the show years ago. Awkward! Luckily Emily and Arie were able to smooth it over and they were back to locking lips in no time.

Dear John…to be honest he just isn’t doing anything for me. He seemed to think the date went so well that he decided to fill Chris in, and he wasn’t a happy camper about that. Then Sean hit the streets to track down Emily and squeeze in a few kisses. Well played, Sean.

Next up was the group date with Doug, Chris and Sean. A carriage ride took them to a beautiful castle and Doug was the first to get Emily alone. I’m not sure what went wrong, but it wasn’t looking too good for Doug. That awkward kiss between them before Emily sent him packing was painful. Poor guy. Sean prevailed in getting a rose from Emily, and I was hoping Chris would’ve handled it a bit more smoothly, but he really showed a different side of him and it actually made me a little uncomfortable. Was Chris having a bad week or were his true colors shining through? Yikes! Read more

Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 6

June 19, 2012 at 4:56 pm , by

Hello Croatia! I’m definitely making a mental note to visit ASAP. Right off the bat, Emily hands Travis a date card and they stroll around the picturesque city of Dubrovnik.  Travis has been in the shadows for me this whole season, so I had no idea how this date would turn out, and sadly, it didn’t turn out very well for him and he was sent home. But hey, the girl knows what she likes and I can appreciate that! Was it because he failed to take his shirt off on the balancing stone? Haha. In all seriousness though, it was sad to watch Travis go home. He wore his heart on his sleeve throughout the date but he couldn’t get beyond the “friend zone.”

The group date to watch the movie Brave was cute. I like how Emily really came across as a strong, independent woman because those are traits that I admire in anyone. For this date the guys donned skirts—yet again!—to compete in some ancient games. I guess skirts are the new hot tub? Poor Chris struggled big time but his bravery came through in the end when he challenged Doug, the biggest guy in the group, and earned himself a rose. Go Chris! We also got to see a different side of Jef when he confessed he was crazy about Emily, and now I’m starting to see more of a connection between them.

Now on to Ryan…I’ve had a bad feeling about this guy from day one and now I know why. After he and Emily left for their solo date, the other guys talked about how much they dislike Ryan. The date got off to a fun start as they hit the water to catch some oysters, but when they got some alone time to chat, Ryan decided to throw out the whole “trophy wife” slang. Seriously? Hello! What century are you living in? See ya around, Ryan. Emily made a good call in this situation, although for a second there I thought she was going to change her mind and hand him the rose. I’m glad she stuck to her instincts and sent him off. Then Arie proved to Emily that he has her back when he snuck out to see her and for that, he got a rose and a kiss, again! I like a man that can defend his girl.

Before the rose ceremony Emily and John had a chat and I started to see John’s soft side coming through, but I was still left wondering if he’s the kind of passionate guy that will make it all the way. Emily gave Doug some pointers, encouraging him to pursue her more and to be more confident. And to my (and I’m sure everyone else’s) surprise, she didn’t send anyone home at the rose ceremony. Who do you think should have been sent home at the rose ceremony this week?

Next week, Emily learns some unsettling news about Arie and a previous relationship with a producer on the show. Is that going to be a game changer for Arie?  I’m on pins and needles! Finally, some drama.

Until next time,


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Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 5

June 12, 2012 at 2:11 pm , by

I found it pretty ironic that the episode where Emily felt the most disrespected is the episode where I gained the most respect for her. Sometimes it takes dealing with a real jerk to make you see how great you really are. I felt like we all could relate to Emily’s experience in last night’s episode, and I was so proud of her for standing up for herself and firing back to tell Kalon how she felt. I’m not sure if it was her raspy little voice or just a shift in the whole process, but I think Emily really came out of her shell. She was a little funnier, a little edgier and not afraid to speak her mind. It was so refreshing!

Remember how I said this season would be much different because of the pressure to find someone who’s good for her daughter too? This episode made me realize that having little Ricki throughout this process is actually a bit of an advantage for Emily—it really does separate the boys from the men. It’s pretty easy to see that the boys are caving under the pressure, but I do have to give these guys major props. I’m definitely a “guy’s girl” and I’ve dated a few guys since my big split, and I know that we girls have no problem talking about babies, marriages, and happily-ever-afters, while most guys will freak out. So we really got to see who might be ready for all of that and I think there are some real gems in this group.

Speaking of pressure, how adorable were Doug and Arie dressed up as girlies tonight? I was laughing so hard. There’s a level of empathy, of course, but when you can turn a super awkward scenario like that into something goofy and funny—to me, that is so attractive. Good job boys.

I really loved Doug tonight.  I have noticed him a few times this season but tonight he showed a really sexy and sensitive side, which is a rare combination. I’m excited to see how his relationship with Emily evolves as the season progresses. Read more

Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 4

June 5, 2012 at 4:55 pm , by

Well guys, the fourth episode was set in Bermuda and I have to say that I’m finally starting to get hooked! I loved hearing Emily be open and candid about what she wants for her future, and to be honest it was a real eye opener for me. Being single and so stubborn the last few years, I haven’t worried too much about starting a family or a new relationship again. But Emily painted a pretty cute picture of what she wants and made it sound really appealing! It also seems like there are some great men in this group of bachelors, and I don’t know if Emily brings it out in them, but during my season the guys were a bit more goofy and young at heart. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my season, but these guys do seem a little more “manly” with the exception of Charlie when he was crying in the car. I love Charlie, but oh my gosh that was a little…wrong!

Doug got the first date and I was so happy that he got a rose. He’s just my style—big arms, tall and nervous in a cute way. I actually liked how he dropped the f-bomb. Plus, he’s a dad, so the date felt really natural and the post card was adorable! The moment where they walked through the Moon Gate reminded me of Ed and I in Sevilla. I think Emily’s main issue with Doug is that he seems too perfect! But I think that on this show, you don’t find out certain things until later on in the relationship.

Arie is hot, but a little immature. He had good insight when it came to Ryan calling Emily a trophy wife. And when he said he missed Emily and kissed her it made my heart pitter patter. I think his ability to communicate and be open is really important. I have mixed feelings about Arie for Emily, but I do see the strongest connection between the two of them. Read more

Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 3

May 29, 2012 at 3:45 pm , by

Finally! I was starting to worry about this season of The Bachelorette but this week’s episode certainly didn’t disappoint. Things are really starting to pick up—three guys were sent home, Dolly Parton made a surprise appearance, and some of the guys started showing their true colors. I’m glad we got less cheesy moments and more raw personalities!

I was so impressed by both Chris and Arie, the lucky guys who scored one-on-one dates this episode. But I have to say I am leaning towards team Arie right now and I’m pretty sure he hit a home run last night. Go Arie!

It was so adorable watching the guys play at the park with the kids, but I suspect that a few of them were putting on a show for Emily. Speaking of…is it just me or does Ryan give you guys the heebie-jeebies too?

Poor Tony! I think Emily made the right decision to send him home sooner rather than later. It was nice to see Doug there to support Tony since he’s a single dad too. After tonight Doug definitely earned a spot in my good book.

I was so confused by Kalon’s moves; I have no clue what he’s thinking. This dude is walking on thin ice. I’m pretty sure he’ll be firing up his chopper next week to head back home.

I also must say, it was great to see some fire in Emily—I didn’t think she had it in her. These guys are going get put through the ringer, and rightfully so. She deserves the world! I remember during my journey on The Bachelorette, that this was around the time when I started to get fed up with the guys who I knew weren’t there for the right reasons, so I started to get a bit feisty. And I think that’s a good thing, because it means Emily knows what she’s looking for! It looks like Bermuda is on tap for next week…and that means more boys with less clothes, hehe!

Until next week,


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Jillian Harris Blogs The Bachelorette: Episode 2

May 22, 2012 at 7:07 pm , by

First things first: Joe, call me!

Well, I said it before and I really stand by it now—this season of The Bachelorette is going to be much different and it certainly is. Emily has such a HUGE invested interest in this journey, and I really do believe that is true for her more than it was for any other woman that’s been the bachelorette. That being said, I do think it’s also the reason that this season is off to a slow start.

At the risk of making myself look, well, less classy, my season was more about fun, goofing around, more cocktails and less pressure. All I had to look for was a connection, and I don’t envy all of the extra details Emily has to cover. But maybe that’s going to be the key for her to find a successful relationship in the end.

For several seasons now people have complained that they won’t watch next season of the show because there’s too much drama and not enough of the “love connection.” Well, I think you guys are getting it this time around, so I don’t want to hear any peeps if you’re finding it boring. There’s a reason Jersey Shore is successful!

At the beginning of this season I felt like there were just a bunch of boys on the roster; no one who seemed quite ready for our Emily. But after the second episode I see a little light. I was also a little envious—Emily got the chance to have a big part of her life involved in this process. I think that makes for a very levelheaded bachelorette. Filming in her hometown, having her friends and her daughter helping her along, and getting to hang in her home are all things that will lend to some good decisions with the boys. Otherwise, it’s like vacation love, and we’ve all been there before! #fail :)

Here are my favorites so far: Arie, Charlie (so adorable) and the biology teacher, Aaron. My least favorite thing? Emily’s wardrobe! I hate to say it because I love her style, but so far I haven’t been a huge fan of her dresses. She really is so beautiful in her regular everyday clothes.

And as for Joe—the hockey hair, plaid shirt, natural laugh and the fact that he’s so well articulated? He’s my kind of guy! :)

Until next week,


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