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Can This Marriage Be Saved? You Be The Judge

October 22, 2010 at 7:35 am , by

1366_001Ladies’ Home Journal has been around for a loooooong time (128 years to be precise). And while we’re not normally ones to brag, allow us just a smidgen of gloating: Our famous column, Can This Marriage Be Saved?, has been a huge favorite since it debuted in the magazine in January 1953. Throughout the 57 years we’ve run the column (much longer than most marriages, I might add), we’ve tackled everything from cheating spouses to secret porn habits, fights over the stepkids to battles over the dog. Though the complaints are different, one theme always emerges, whether the couple in question each month has a ton of tiny problems or a few massive ones: Communication helps EVERYTHING.

In the spirit of our celebrated, iconic column, we’d like to ask you to referee the battle between our controversial couples. Each Thursday, we’ll take a classic case from the column and give you the chance to weigh in. Our debut story is the very first Can This Marriage Be Saved? article published in LHJ (the black-and-white image above ran in the issue!), involving Guy, a 25-year-old mechanic, and Diana, a 22-year-old secretary, who’ve been married for six years. (A bride at 16! Suddenly I feel behind in life.) Read more