Holiday Traditions: Sometimes Simplicity Is Best

December 3, 2009 at 6:10 pm , by

l_R094572Over Thanksgiving, I was reminded that family traditions don’t have to be anything complicated. For our holiday meal, I made the same simple menu that was featured at my grandmother’s house since I was old enough to eat solid food. Turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce and gravy, green beans and creamed mushrooms.  Since I had bronchitis and was feeling crummy, I skipped the more time-intensive Southern treat, Sally Lunn, the bread they probably serve in heaven. Still, it was a happy reminder of the days that Thanksgiving was an extended-family celebration of my grandfather’s birthday, which was the 26th of November.

But for my 3-year-old son, Thanksgiving was just another turkey dinner. The real excitement for him was the mini-tradition that established itself over the long weekend. Unfolding Grandmummy’s sofabed every night, and folding it back up in the morning.  He’s still talking about it. And when I think about it, some of the traditions I treasure are equally mundane. Like how, at my mom’s house, she serves wine with dinner, and then for dessert we have ice cream in our wine glasses. I don’t even like ice cream that much, but I love the ritual.

Do you have any super-simple family traditions you’d like to share?