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Cheat Sheet: The Only Thing That Happened Ever

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1. The Royal Wedding of William and Catherine

Can This Marriage Be Saved? Royal Wedding Bonanza

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It’s a Royal Wedding World, and we’re just living in it. Whatever your opinion of the noble nuptials, one thing’s for sure: You’ll know alllll about every detail of this entire blissful day by the time the party’s over. Of course, the spectacle is a bright spot for the royal family, a bit of happy news for a drama-drenched monarchy. The world will see and hear (and scrutinize) all the couple’s choices for their big day, from the music and the food to the guest list and the dress. (And really, I’m not all that invested in the Big Show myself, but I am SUPER curious about the dress!!) Every bride can probably relate to fixating on the tiny details of her wedding day to make it perfect – whatever perfect may mean to her.

But one thing that seems to get lost in the planning of any wedding – royal or common – is that after the whole big shebang is over, the bride and groom will be. . . husband and wife. Yes, they’ll be thrilled if the day is success, but it’s not a great DJ, a top-notch photographer or a kick-butt fillet mignon that makes or breaks a marriage.

We happen to think that, with their years-long courtship, sincere love for each other and general rational-seeming personalities, Wills and Kate will do just fine. But in the spirit of remembering that after the wedding comes the marriage, we’d like to offer the happy couple some of our surprising secrets to a lifelong union, as told by relationship experts of all sorts. Read more

Go Ask Gab: The Royal Wedding Hoopla

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Kate Middleton Doll, $100;

Ahhhh the Royal Wedding is almost here! It seems that everyone’s been talking about it for months now. (Am I the only one avoiding morning TV?)  The hoopla surround this event is crazy. Seriously, do we all need to know about her diet or the number of ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends that will be attending? It’s one thing to buy a replica of her ring on HSN but Kate and William tea bags!?! Guesses about her honeymoon lingerie!?! (Calvin Klein does make some excellent pieces.) E! online even has your royal name generator (you can all refer to me as Princess Gabrielle Tildsley Porcarocock of New York, NYshire). The most ridiculous news was the jelly bean found resembling her face expecting to get £500 in auction. Maybe I should have looked down at the handful I just ate before shoving it in my mouth.

But, honestly aren’t we all just tuning in for the DRESS?!? Who will she wear? Rumors seem to point to either Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen or possibly Sophie Cranston of Libélula designing the future princess’s gown. I am kind of equally as curious about the bridesmaid dresses, rumored to be designed by Alice Temperley. I think the bridesmaid dresses tells you something about the bride and since I’ve worn one or two (or 7) in my day I know what I am talking about. Hopefully they will be as lucky as me to not wear anything tragic.  And yes I’m ridiculously excited to see Judd Apatow’s new film Bridesmaids coming out May 12th!

So are you going to get up early and watch? I most certainly will be! I do love a good wedding and look for any excuse to wear a hat in public… and drink champagne at 6am!

Bridal Beauty: The Royal Wedding Edition

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The wedding of the century is only days away and millions will be watching (not just brides-to-be) as a princess is born. No pressure of course for her hairstylist and makeup artists to make her look stunning.

We checked in with celebrity makeup artist Kimara Ahnert, who has prettied the face of A-List brides like Catherine Zeta Jones and Gwyneth Paltrow to get some bridal beauty tips and her thoughts on what may work best for England’s soon-to-be princess.

LHJ: What is the best way to prepare for unexpected weather on your wedding day?

Ahnert: Make sure you have the hair products that you will need: curly/frizzy hair needs a flat iron and styling serum. Straight hair will need a volumizer and hairspray.

Also have on hand any last minute touch up makeup, such as waterproof mascara, powder, and lipstick. Put it in a go bag along with mints, tissue, a brush, and a little bottle of hairspray.

LHJ: What products should you steer clear of? Which are the best for any weather?

Ahnert: Avoid any product that is going to easily run, like instant bronzer for your body. Cream blush and waterproof mascara are good items to have for any weather situation.

LHJ: The world is buzzing about the royal wedding this week, what do you think we should expect to see as far as hair and makeup?

Ahnert: Kate Middleton has a classic look so the makeup will also be very classic – a pink lip and cheek, a light eye with lots of mascara. The bridesmaids will also have the same look, tasteful and classic. There won’t be any trendy makeup or colors and or smoky eyes.

LHJ: What look do you think would work best on Kate Middleton?

Ahnert: Keeping everything simple and refined. I’d play up her beautiful dark eyes with faux lashes and mascara and emphasize her porcelain skin with a good foundation and pink blush.

LHJ: Can you give us three different looks that would work for either a daytime wedding, an evening wedding, and for someone who would like to transition a look from a daytime ceremony to an evening reception?

Ahnert: For a day time wedding: Voluminous mascara in blackest black, YSL Touché Éclat concealer, MAC Crème blush in a lighter pink, a dusting of Benefit bronzer in Hoola, and a pink to nudish lip.

Evening: Kimara Ahnert Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation, Bare Escentual smoky eye kit, bronzer, nude lip liner with pink lip and a Chanel Glossimers Lipgloss, faux lashes with black mascara.

Day to Evening: Use the daytime makeup but add either a smoky eye using browns and taupes or a brighter lip with a neutral eye.

LHJ: What are the basic dos and don’ts for brides-to-be who would like to do their own makeup on their wedding day?

Ahnert: Bridal Do: A trial run before the day of the wedding, especially if you are applying false lashes or doing any tanning (spray or bronzer). Your makeup might need to be adjusted due to your added color. Don’t go trendy with eye shadow colors—you still want to look like yourself in the pictures.

Photo via Lauren Nelson

Cheat Sheet: Four Things You Maybe Missed This Week

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1. Tom Hanks, Pageant Dad

“Sexy feet! Sexy feet!!”

2. Baby Raccoon in the Tub

This raccoon doesn’t quite understand how the water’s coming down from the sky, but he’s happy about it. It should be noted that the raccoon’s name is Tyrone Biggums.

3. Hysterical Bubbles

Who doesn’t love a good laughing baby video?

4. The Royal Wedding House of Love

One week til the big day! Personally I can’t wait, especially after having seen the Queen’s dance moves.