We Love Our High Heels

February 23, 2012 at 10:26 am , by

At the Saks flagship store shoe sale recently (yes, its shoe department really is big enough to have its own zip code!), I was mesmerized by table after table loaded with five-, six- and even seven-inch heels—all marked down. “So this must mean that the giant platform high-heel craze is on the wane?” I asked the dapper salesguy standing nearby.

“Not at all,” he replied. “You should see the styles that are just coming in!” So okay, I bought the five-inch pair above.

Our fashion editor, Sue Erneta, agrees that shoes aren’t coming down to earth quite yet. “We’re still seeing tons of high, high, high heels,” she says. She loves the platform styles because at 5-foot-1, she says they give her the lift she needs. “And a platform in a high heel is much easier to walk in—especially if it has a chunkier heel for stability,” she says (although her leopard-print pumps, left, don’t have that). She pulls one off and demonstrates how to subtract the platform height (an inch) from the heel height (four inches) to get the adjusted actual lift (a mere three). Sue’s Algorithm: Is this the new math?

There is also a return to the more classic, ladylike pump without a platform, she says (like the one my fellow healthlady, Jessica, is wearing, below). Some of them are super-pointy, too. Those can really mess up your feet! “I don’t wear anything I find uncomfortable,” says Sue. Hmm. Fashion editors may have a different pain threshold than us mere mortals.

Still, we have to admit, we love our high heels. That’s why we created our story “Killer Heels” in the March issue, with everything you need to know about skyscrapers and the foot problems they can cause. We know you can’t give them up completely. Neither can we. Hey, we believe that with sexy shoes—as with all things chocolate—moderation is the key.

Objects of Desire

September 22, 2009 at 9:56 am , by

a girl can dreamI was recently in Target when my 4 year old started having a HUGE tantrum. What was wrong, you ask? Oh, just the simple fact that she had spotted a Dora mermaid doll and I said she’d have to wait to ask Santa for it. Her face began to turn red, the waterworks were sprouting, and she started jumping around like she hadn’t peed in hours. I wanted to say “Knock it off! You’re being ridiculous!” but instead I soothed her with some reasoning. “We can’t always have what we want.”

Sure it’s silly when she pulls these tantrums but then again, she is 4. And we all know what it’s like to want something we can’t have. Which reminds me…

I’m on the hunt for some new fall shoes. Let’s face it, it’s not really a desire, it’s something I need, right? Unfortunately, my budget is more “steal” than “splurge”. So, I picked out some nice Banana boots and felt pretty satisfied. Until…I popped into the Saks shoe salon. Prada studded round-toe pumps! Balenciaga lace-up booties! YSL navy sandals! Christian Louboutin patent peep-toes! My heart began to race. My palms started to sweat. I had an achy feeling in my stomach. Had I died and gone to shoe heaven? If so, it didn’t feel very good. I had to do everything in my  power to avoid having a full blown tantrum when I looked at the prices. And suddenly I understood the way my daughter felt about that Dora doll.

The next time we went to Target, I bought her that doll. I know that was probably not the right lesson but I just figured one of us should get what we wanted, right? And since hers was only $14.99, she won.

So, tell me…What have you wanted so bad that it hurt?