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Sentimental Jewelry: The Pieces I Cherish

April 6, 2010 at 12:51 pm , by

weliI love costume jewelry. It can make a huge impact on an otherwise boring outfit. But if I had to give up all my jewelry and keep just a few pieces, it would be the sentimental ones over the costume any day. Not because they’re worth more, cost-wise, but because they mean the most to me. I love the antique diamond earrings my parents gave me to wear for my wedding, my sapphire engagement ring that my husband’s late father made in the 80s, my wedding band, and Weli’s gold bracelets. That’s Weli in the picture and she’s wearing those little gold bangles. She was my husband’s grandmother and she passed away in 2005.

When Pablo and I were first dating, it was his love for his grandmother that made me begin to fall in love with him. A native of Argentina, her English wasn’t perfect (but it was better than my Spanish!) so our communication was a little strained. Our visits to her little apartment in Queens were filled with Pablo and Weli speaking in Spanish while I watched TV or read a magazine. But I always remember that “clink-clink-clink” sound of her gold bangles. She wore them everyday and I never thought much of them—as a fashion statement, that is—but when she passed away and my sister-in-law asked if I wanted any of her jewelry, I didn’t hesitate.

I’m wearing them today and they’re making that “clink-clink-clink” sound as I type. It reminds me of Weli and how she called me her “4th grandchild.” And that makes me smile.

So, tell me—what jewelry do you wear that has sentimental meaning?