Makeup Brush Shape-Up

March 28, 2011 at 7:30 am , by

Sephora Antibacterial Brush Set

Sephora Antibacterial Brush Set, $60

I have a dirty secret, and it’s about my makeup brushes. Actually, it is my makeup brushes. Like many women, I don’t take the best care of them, but I’ve vowed to change. Here are 3 tips to whip your makeup brushes in shape:

Avoid damaging build-up. With each use, your brushes accumulate makeup particles— wipe them off with tissue or soft clothe after application. Make sure not to pull the bristles too roughly, lest they fall out. Did you know: Makeup build-up can clog pores and damage the bristles making your brush less effective.

Store brushes properly. The way you store makeup brushes is important. Always keep them in a dry case and lay them flat or standing upright to avoid misshapen bristle syndrome. Did you know: Dust is another factor in brush build-up. If you don’t have a proper case, use an old eyeglass case to store your brushes.

Clean. Clean. Clean. Most importantly, clean your brushes at least once per month. To wash them, use a gentle shampoo of face soap, rinse until the water runs clear, squeeze out excess water, and dry them flat on a clean towel. Did you know: Many brands have cleaning solution that you can use for a quick clean, and Sephora has a special Antibacterial Brush Set, $60, to ensure cleaner brushes between washes.

Maintaining your makeup brushes is as easy as 1-2-3. Find out other ways to “Kick Your Worst beauty Habits” in the March 2011 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal.

Beauty Coach: Best Beauty Shopping Websites

November 5, 2009 at 2:36 pm , by


Looking for great a beauty buy or cute gift idea? Here’s a list of my all-time favorite sites:

Best for multi-tasking: and

Stock up on paper towels, dish detergent and essentials from your favorite drugstore brands like Olay, L’Oreal and Aveeno. Then click on its sister site link to browse through department and boutique brands like Smashbox, Fresh and Nars. Shipping is free if you spend $25 and  you can pick three beauty samples with your order.

Best all around:

This is my favorite beauty website for browsing new products, reading reviews or just looking for inspiration. It’s also my go-to for exclusive holiday beauty gifts at amazing value. Definitely check out the fragrance finder to find your next signature scent and sign up for the Beauty Insider program to score free samples.

Best place to splurge:

This is the site for true beauty junkies. SpaceNK founder Nicky Kinnard literally scours the globe for the coolest, most innovative beauty lines so you’ll always find something new, exciting and often pricey. To avoid sticker shock, go straight to the affordable Life bath, body and candle line, which smells amazing and has the cutest packaging. If you’re up for spending a bit more, I recommend the Rococo Gold Leaf Lacquer, a clear top coat with bits of gold tinsel and Light Expert by Terry, a brightening foundation that always makes my skin look super fresh and rosy.

Best hair tools and salon supplies: &

I love Ricky’s assortment of velcro rollers, sectioning clips, bobby pins and brushes. They are staples in my morning routine.

Sally Beauty is my favorite resource for hot tools, wax and nail care. Definitely check out the Ion line. I still can’t get over the great value of the Ion Anti-Frizz Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer. I’ve tried all the professional brands and this one still gives me the shinest, silkiest blow-out.

Best beauty bargains: and

Love shopping at  Marshall’s or TJ Maxx? These sites are the beauty equivalent. Selection and quantities will vary, but both offer deep discounts from premium brands. And if you really love a good deal, check out our November story on the pros favorite beauty bargains.

Happy Shopping!