10 Fabulous Spring Dresses

March 22, 2011 at 4:30 pm , by

I am so sick of tights. And boots. And scarves and hats and gloves and coats and sweaters. It’s been a tough winter here in the northeast and it’s really taken a toll on my look. I mean, how much longer can I rock this worn jeans-blouse-cardigan-boots ensemble before I get my fashion license revoked? Or the boots-tights-dull dress look? Please, make it go away!

I’m embracing the season today by doing a little online window shopping for a springtime favorite: dresses. Whether they’re bright and flowery or simple and jersey, you simply can not go wrong with a dress in the spring. Sure, you’ll need great shoes and some fun jewelry but then you’re done. And you’ll look a heck of a lot better than I have this past winter.

I picked all these beauties from some of my favorite brands: J Crew (don’t get me started or the lovefest will go on and on), Loft (last year’s favorite jersey dress came from here so I’ll be back again), and Shopbop (I love that I can look for Club Monaco, AKA New York and Rebecca Taylor all in one place). The only question is…which one do I get first?

Top row, left to right: J Crew Ikat dress, Rebecca Taylor pom pom tunic dress at Shopbop, J Crew maritime v-neck dress, Club Monaco Tracey dress at Shopbop, Loft zip pocket dress.

Bottom row, left to right: Rebecca Taylor Pom pom halter dress at Shopbop, Loft crossover knit dress, AKA New York column dress at Shopbop, J Crew silk seranade dress, J Crew Sirah dress.

So, tell me…are there any spring dresses you have your eye on?