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Go Ask Gab: Update Your Tee

April 12, 2011 at 4:32 pm , by

Gab, this time of year I always gravitate towards wearing t-shirts, which end up looking sloppy. Do you have any more put together options? — Molly

First of all ladies, let’s address your old cotton tees. Let’s be real, they probably need to be tossed! Stains, yellow armpits, piling… sound familiar? White tees should be updated seasonally, especially if you tend to wear them a lot. Now that I got that out there, let’s continue.

Silk tees are a great alternative and they are equally as comfortable as your basic cottons without the sloppy factor. There are great some great options out there from colorful solids to floral to stripes. Here’s what I found:



You can wear them with everything and like I said, they’re comfortable and everywhere this spring! Let me know what you find out there.

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