It’s Okay to Splurge – Sometimes

March 15, 2010 at 4:52 pm , by

4117449915_7a5de0c15eThe topic may seem taboo in this rough economy, but in order to maintain our emotional well beings, I find it necessary to splurge on what you like. That’s right, I said ‘necessary.’ I don’t mean blow your entire paycheck at the latest Coach bag, but give yourself permission to splurge on something that makes you happy. Call it a treat for all of your hard work. For some women, that treat is expensive shoes. For me, it’s my upscale gym membership.

As divaesque as it sounds (and believe me, I am no diva), I need the chi chi fitness center. I recently downgraded to a cheaper facility to save money, and the change isn’t working for me. Where are the plush towels? Eucalyptus compresses? The state-of-the-art machines? Call me spoiled, but I look forward to the sweet additives, if only for the few hours a week I spend working out. It gets me excited to go back to the gym. I compare it to spending more on Egyptian cotton, 1,000-thread count sheets over discount sheets. For insomniacs, it’s a necessary indulgence.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying an overpriced gym membership is the answer for everyone. Splurging is a highly individual experience. You might even find it pretentious and wasteful. Understandable. But for me, the few extra dollars is spent on comfort and piece of mind. And in my opinion, it’s worth every penny.