Become a Part of the Education Nation!

September 23, 2011 at 12:05 pm , by

Among the many hot button issues in our country, there’s one we should all be able to agree on: the importance of a great education. This weekend, NBC is starting a conversation on this topic in a major way with its Education Nation Summit, which kicks off Sunday at noon (EST) with the second-annual Teacher Town Hall on MSNBC. The live broadcast will be a discussion for and about teachers, and the challenges they face today. We talked to NBC news anchor Brian Williams, who will moderate the discussion, about this special initiative.

Ladies’ Home Journal: Tell us about NBC’s Education Nation project.

Brian Williams: When we do pieces on education on my broadcast nightly news, we always label them part of our Education Nation campaign. It’s just an enormous commitment by the network to say, “Look, we’re allowed to have issues that are important to us. We just don’t take a stand, but we’d like to be the conduit.” One thing we do that has become quite popular is the Teacher Town Hall. We literally have a tent on the skating rink at 30 Rockefeller Plaza and it’s just like being in the teacher’s lounge. Growing up as a kid, didn’t you always wonder what went on in there? So we let them blow off steam. It’s not a political debate, it’s not a NASCAR race—but it’s as exciting as gatherings go. It just happens to be about education.

What are some education issues you think people need to be more aware of?

Well, I just think people need to dive into the reform effort. Parents need to dial in, folks whose kids are grown and out of school who have time to volunteer and help out, they need to dial in, rich folks who have money to give. That’s the lesson I’ve learned, that when you stop going to PTA meetings and when your kids grow up and out, your obligation to education doesn’t end. In many ways it’s just beginning. You still have a lot to give.

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Do Good: Help Teachers and Kids With DonorsChoose

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teachersHave you checked out our giving page at DonorsChoose.org yet? It’s a great charity that helps classrooms in need across the country by giving teachers the supplies they need to spark creativity and help students learn. Pick a classroom in your town, your state, or anywhere in the U.S. You’ll even get thank-yous and photos from the teachers and students. Helping our kids get a better education is one cause that almost everyone can agree on, and DonorsChoose is a cool, easy way to microfinance classrooms and have a direct and immediate impact.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re a teacher or you know one, we want to spotlight your project on DonorsChoose and help you get donations. Click here to join our Do Good group or leave a comment on this post to nominate a project for us to spotlight on our giving page. We’ve already highlighted (and donated to) lots of cool classroom projects, like Mrs. F’s math measuring activity or Mrs. G’s literacy project. Yours could be next!