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What Do You Love Most About Thanksgiving Day?

November 20, 2012 at 11:00 am , by

To kick off the holiday season, we asked Journal staffers to share what they love most about Thanksgiving, that wonderful holiday that’s all about good food, friends, family and feeling grateful (with a little football thrown in). We know you’ll relate to these!

• My girls love to bake (that’s Lily and Sophia in action, right). Since I learned all my baking skills from my mom, they always like to whip up a sweet treat with their “Mimi.” This year they’ll be making my mom’s famous “spice cake” (don’t call it fruitcake!), which I was honored to write about for our December issue. The recipe is on page 106 if you’d like to try it too.
Sue Erneta, fashion editor

• Now that my sister, my cousins and I are in our twenties and living across the country, Thanksgiving is one of the few days of the year that we’re all together again, and my life feels about as simple as it did back when I was a kid.
Lauren Piro, assistant editor

• I love that I don’t have to travel on Thanksgiving. Family and friends come to us. It’s a great excuse to stay at home, eat and drink, and sit on the couch. What could be better?
Jeffrey Saks, creative director

• One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories happened last year. My family and I were sitting at the dining table. My mother was in the kitchen, and I heard her in say in a calm voice, “Gab, can you come in here?” I walked in and there was the turkey on the kitchen floor with its juices and grease splattered everywhere. My mom gave me a look that conveyed, “Help but don’t say a word!” (I was called in instead of my sisters because one of them would have fallen to the floor the laughing and the other would’ve shrieked; I’m the least dramatic of the three.) We picked up the turkey, quietly holding in our laughter, and scrubbed the grease off the floor. My mom fixed it up, carved it and served it. It was delicious. We didn’t tell anyone until later. Please note: My mother keeps her floors so clean you can literally eat off them!
Gabrielle Porcaro, associate fashion editor Read more

New Turkey Time Traditions

November 11, 2011 at 1:55 pm , by

Chances are, your Thanksgiving traditions usually include waking the kids up early to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, playing tackle football in the yard, and of course cooking dinner together as a family. But this year, why not try some new traditions? It’s never too late to start something new! Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Volunteer your time at a local food bank.

What better way to show you’re thankful than by giving back to the community? Volunteering can be a great family bonding time and you’ll all feel better knowing that you made someone less fortunate have a great holiday.

2. Create DIY holiday cards.

If you have some free time while the turkey’s cooking, why not get a head start on your holiday cards? You and your family can sit down and craft some really neat homemade greeting cards to send out to your friends and relatives—instead of waiting until the week before to get the leftover scraps from Walmart.

3. Celebrate your family’s achievements.

After dinner, as an alternative to just sitting around in food comas, try something that will make everyone feel better about themselves by holding a little award ceremony. You can craft Turkey Day Awards to reward your hard-working family for all the achievements they’ve accomplished so far this year.

If none of these traditions seem to be up your alley, you can always dedicate Turkey Day to relaxing, catching up on your overflowing DVR shows, and simply enjoying the company of your family. However you choose to spend it, we hope you have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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