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Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bachelor: Season Finale!

March 13, 2012 at 11:17 am , by

Another Bachelor season has come to an end and we have another happy couple…or do we? Let’s start from the beginning of this episode and discuss what happened.

First off, I think Ben’s sister and mother did a great job of asking Ben and the girls the right questions. I really appreciated that they went into it with an open mind and didn’t judge the girls until they met them for themselves. I think it was totally obvious that it was a “producer influenced” question when Ben’s sister asked him if there were any girls that the other girls didn’t like. This question was obviously going to be asked, but at the end of the day Ben’s family liked both girls and it seemed like they totally supported Ben in whatever decision he was going to make. And that’s what family should do. :-)

I absolutely loved Lindzi’s time with his mom. You could tell that Lindzi meant what she said and really cared for Ben. It absolutely broke my heart watching his final date with her knowing that she wouldn’t be chosen in the end. I mean come on…wasn’t it obvious to us all at this point that Ben was crazy about Courtney? But why wasn’t Lindzi on the After the Final Rose special? What happened there? Although, I did stay tuned in to ABC to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! to see what Lindzi had to say about Ben and the finale. She was super sweet while talking to Jimmy and genuinely seems happy, so I’m happy for her. I was was hoping she would explain why she wasn’t on After the Final Rose, but she’s in a good place now and that’s what’s important.

Back to what happened on the actual show. Courtney’s time with his mom and sister was great too. I really believed Courtney when she told them how much she cared for Ben. I think we saw a totally different side of her. I have to tell you guys that I was watching the finale with a couple of girls from Ben’s season (Rachel and Jaclyn) and they both said they really liked Courtney and that she was a sweet girl. They said that she was always sharing her clothes with the other girls and helping them get ready, so I’m kind of surprised we didn’t see the girls talk about this during the Women Tell All special. Anyway, I’m so glad Ben’s sister didn’t judge Courtney because she was a “model” or because she didn’t get along with the other girls. I respect her for that.

Ben’s last date with Courtney really showed us that they have a great connection. I could totally relate to what Ben was saying to Courtney about feeling at ease since everything was coming to an end. I remember feeling so relieved when I got down to my final two because you actually want it to be all over so you can just be with one person. Read more

Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bachelor: Episode 9

February 28, 2012 at 2:25 pm , by

Is it just me or was this episode a little hard to get through? At this point I usually feel really connected to at least one of the love stories on the show and I don’t feel that way this season. Maybe it’s because I’m worried that Ben is just going to get his heart broken in the end and that makes me sad. Or it could be the fact that I was watching with a group of eight girls and we had a blast laughing and having girl talk! Either way, I had a little trouble focusing, but I was still blown away by the beautiful scenery. A trip Switzerland has to be my next vacation! The views there are absolutely breathtaking.

Let’s talk about the dates. Nicki opened up a lot on her date, which is great, but we didn’t see Ben open up to her. It was like he didn’t feel close enough to her to let her in and maybe that’s why he let her go. He even said, “I enjoy you” to her, and after that comment I was sure she was going home. When you’re crazy about someone you probably wouldn’t use the words “I enjoy you” to describe your time with them.

I know some people might think Nicki was a little over the top when she started talking about kids, but it is something you should talk about before getting engaged. You wouldn’t want to marry someone only to find out later that they don’t want any kids and you want five. Obviously, that would be a big problem, so I’m proud of Nicki for putting it all out there. But in the end, she just wasn’t the one for Ben.

Lindzi and Ben were super cute together this week. Throughout this season I’ve had a hard time seeing a strong connection between them, but that changed last tonight. I always knew Ben really liked Lindzi, but I also felt like there was weird awkwardness between them. However, last night they were totally connected. Lindzi seemed a little concerned about the overnight date, which is totally normal. Many of you probably assume that the overnight suite is for…well, you know, but that isn’t always the case. It’s different for everyone, and it’s important because it’s the first time you get to talk to each other off camera! And trust me, there are so many things you want to say that you don’t want to be aired on national television. I hope Ben and the ladies got the clarity they needed during that time together because those conversations are some of the most important conversations you’ll have on the show and in some cases, in your life. Read more

Ali Fedotowsky Blogs the Bachelor: Episode 8

February 21, 2012 at 12:01 pm , by

The hometown dates are my favorite. It’s the first time the girls actually get to plan a date (which is fun for them) and we get to see the families that shaped them. I wish the show would let the girls meet Ben’s family in his hometown as well. They were lucky this season because they went to Sonoma early on, but I think it would be great if the show brought the final few girls to the bachelor’s parents’ house. That way they’re getting to know the real Ben a little more too.

I found myself giggling like a little girl when I realized Lindzi’s dad’s name is Harry Cox, but I’m going to try to focus on the date! I honestly felt like the kisses at the beginning of Ben’s date with Lindzi were awkward, but Ben really seemed to get along with her family. I absolutely loved that they had their first date at city hall where her parents got married. Does this mean they’re meant to be? Maybe! :-)

Lindzi told her mom that she wasn’t expecting to go on the show and fall in love with someone. I can promise you that 95 percent of the people who go on this show really don’t believe they can fall in love while on the show, so it’s surprising when they do. However, sometimes that love is a little exaggerated in your mind because you’re in this fantasy world where all you do is talk about and think about the bachelor. Looking back, I can confidently say that I was never in love with Jake. I thought he was a nice person, but I was so in love with the idea of falling in love on the show that I made myself believe that I loved him. I remember going home after the show and feeling like I never even really knew Jake because he never felt like a part of my life. It was almost like it was all a dream; it’s hard to explain. That being said, I absolutely did find love on The Bachelorette so I know it’s possible. Basically what I’m trying to say is I’m not sure if Lindzi is really in love with Ben or in love with the idea of Ben. Only time will tell. But I do think that Ben is falling in love with Lindzi.

Ben mentioned that he didn’t know his feelings for a woman could grow so much in one day. I can totally relate to that. Hometown dates were the first time throughout the whole process where I felt like I was truly getting to know the guys for who they are. Read more

Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bachelor: Episode 7

February 14, 2012 at 3:43 pm , by

I think I’ve decided that I’m going to stop calling this show The Bachelor and start calling it Courtney’s Shenanigans. Regardless of what you think about her you have to admit, the show wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining without her on it. I actually found myself wanting her to get a rose last night for two reasons: One, who would we love to hate each week if she left? And two, I’m dying to meet her parents. I wonder if her mom will say something like, “Have you ever talked to a model’s mom before?” LOL…I’ll stop. It’s kind of sad honestly, because all of the drama with Courtney makes me want to watch the show for the drama, when it should really be about finding love. Speaking of love, Happy Valentine’s Day. If you’re reading this, I am officially asking you to be my valentine. Say yes! Who said a girl can only have one? And Ben still has more than enough valentines on the show right now, so let’s talk about this week’s dates.

Lindzi got the first one-on-one date of the week, and it brought some of the other girls to tears! Emily must really like Ben because she compared it to someone stealing your cheesecake—and that’s got to be love. ;) But I must say that I just loved their date. I think it would be so much fun to jump out of a helicopter and into the ocean. I wouldn’t have been scared of the actual jump—I’d be more terrified of my swimsuit flying off and having an “accidental” skinny-dipping date with Ben. I think one skinny-dipping moment is enough for this season.

Ben and Lindzi make a very interesting couple. He always seems really interested in her when they’re together, but I don’t feel like we see a lot of their connection. I wonder if Lindzi will surprise us in the end and win Ben’s heart. He’s obviously into her, but we don’t see or hear him talking about her as much as he does about Courtney. I know this show well enough to know that the producers and editors try to make us believe the bachelor will choose one person so that we’re totally surprised in the end when he picks someone else. For example, I was so sure that Brad was going to pick Chantel on the last season of The Bachelor because we saw so many clips of them together and of Brad talking about her. There wasn’t much footage of him taking about Emily. For this reason (among others), I think Ben might end up with Lindzi. Only time will tell.

Moving on to someone who isn’t going to end up with Ben: Emily. Courtney broke down a little bit when Emily got the one-on-one date and I actually found it was refreshing to see that side of her. I know many of you feel she was acting and I wouldn’t be surprised if she “acts” a lot on the show, but I really don’t think she was faking it in that moment. Those were real emotions, and I know because I felt those emotions at the same point on the show. Even though I like to joke about Courtney and even call her out when she’s being mean, it’s better to sort of kill her with kindness, you know? One of my favorite quotes is “Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.” I think that definitely applies here. So yes, I’ll call Courtney out and make jokes here and there, but at the end of the day she’s still a person with feelings. People who’ve been hurt hurt other people. My mom always told me to remember that. Read more

Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bacheor: Episode 6

February 7, 2012 at 4:01 pm , by

Hi Bachelor friends! I don’t know why, but I actually found myself laughing a lot during this episode—there were so many random and awkward moments. Let’s talk about the good stuff first.

It speaks volumes that Kacie B. got a second one-on-one date. At this point in the episode, we can pretty much be certain that Ben isn’t into the girls who haven’t gotten a one-on-one date up until now. So Jamie, Casey S. and Blakely were all no longer options for me right from the start of this episode. I found it really funny that on Ben’s date with Kacie he said, “Relationships are all about overcoming fears,” while chopping a coconut. Is Ben afraid of coconuts? No wonder Blakely hasn’t gotten a one-on-one! ;) Okay, okay…I couldn’t resist.

Ben and Kacie are so adorable together, right? I love that she was able to open up to him about such a difficult time in her life and I’m really glad that she got the help she needed. Eating disorders are no joke. The pressure women (and men) are under to look a certain way is huge and I hope all of the girls watching out there know that being skinny is not what makes you beautiful. Being healthy is what makes you beautiful, being kind is what makes you beautiful and being YOU is what makes you beautiful.

The kiss between Ben and Kacie at the end of their date was sweet. Her leg flip up (Sex in the City style) was so cute and tells us that she really enjoyed the kiss. Don’t worry Kacie, if Ben doesn’t pick you just call me because I adore you!

There was a lot of awkwardness on the group date as usual. I think it’s blatantly obvious that Courtney is using her sexuality to get what she wants; it’s a bit over the top at this point. I think it would have been fine for her not to wear a bathing suit when dancing with the tribe (do as the locals do) if she and Ben were in a committed, monogamous relationship, but they absolutely are not. There were a bunch of other girls on the date and she should’ve respected that. I’m having a hard time understanding her. She seems to think that the other girls aren’t making “moves” on the date, but the reason they aren’t making moves is because usually all of the girls become friends during the season. So on the group dates, they’re all trying to respect each other and each person’s relationship with Ben. That’s how I felt on my season anyway, and I’m glad I respected the other girls on group dates because some of them became my best friends. I feel bad for Courtney because she isn’t going to come out of this experience with any lifelong friends. Or maybe she will and there’s something we aren’t seeing. I hope she did make friends, for her sake. Read more

Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bachelor: Episode 5

January 31, 2012 at 4:18 pm , by

Hi friends! Welcome back :-) In last night’s episode, all of the girls got to go on a date with Ben, so I was happy for them—it would really stink to be in Puerto Rico and not be able to go out and explore. Speaking of tropical places, I just got back from the beautiful Casa Dorada resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I’m exhausted after an incredible trip with my girlfriends. So I apologize if my blog isn’t on point this time around, but I promise to make up for it next week!

I was really glad that Nikki got a date this week. I liked her the first night but we haven’t really gotten to know her since. Nikki seems really genuine and I loved seeing how relaxed she was with Ben. And even though I think it’s good that Nikki opened up about her marriage, I don’t think it’s a good thing to tell a guy that you had trust issues in your past relationship without going into more detail and explaining why you felt that way. I feel like that puts a warning sign in his head that says, “I’m going to lose my freedom if I get into a relationship with this girl!” I could be totally wrong, but that’s my observation based on my experience with guys. However, I will say that I thought their kiss was super passionate—heck, even I started blushing a little. I think Ben really likes Nikki, or at least really likes kissing her.

The group date this week seemed like a lot of fun. Baseball is such a great idea for a date and I’m all for a little healthy sports competition! I found it very interesting that Ben got to choose a woman to take on the night portion of the date, and it means a lot that he picked Lindzi. It’s not a rose, but in my opinion it’s much better. Usually roses are given to some people because you don’t want to be harsh and send someone home on a one-on-one date. And sometimes you give a rose on a group date to someone who you haven’t spent that much time with, so you want them to feel better by getting the rose. Believe me, there are hundreds of reasons why roses are given out. If who the roses were given to didn’t get switched up every once in a while, I would have given my group date roses to one of three or four guys every single time. However, giving Lindzi more “time” is much more special, and it shows that he wants to be around her and get to know her better. I’m not sure if this makes sense to you guys, but it makes perfect sense in my head, maybe because I lived through it.

On the group date Kacie B. got the rose. I loved when Ben gave her the rose and stated a bunch of reasons why he wanted to give it to her, because I think when he isn’t all that into a girl he’ll usually just say something like “I want to get to know you more.” Yay, Kacie B! I love her to pieces.

I think Elyse is a sweetheart, but I feel bad because I didn’t even know her name until this episode. That fact alone was enough for me to know that she wasn’t going to make it very far in this because the viewers didn’t even know her yet! It was very obvious to me throughout the date that Ben wasn’t feeling it. He wasn’t really talking to her and he was just repeating things she said. I also don’t think Elyse really liked Ben that much; I don’t think she was crying for him per se, I think it was more because she wanted to stay on the show and was maybe hoping for that fairy tale ending. In the end, Ben did the right thing. If you don’t feel it, you can’t force it. Read more

Ali Fedotowsky Blogs The Bachelor: Episode 4

January 24, 2012 at 4:23 pm , by

It’s week four of The Bachelor and there was no shortage of drama this week. My goodness, the claws really came out last night.

Let’s start by talking about how beautiful Park City, Utah is. The countryside is simply breathtaking. Obviously Ben loves the outdoors and is very adventurous so I think it was a great place for him to spend time with all of the women. But I have one question at this point—is it normal for people to still not have gone on individual dates this far in the season? I don’t remember it being week four and guys still not getting dates on my season. Help me out here…my memory is not serving me well today!

The first date went to Rachel, and Kacie B. really took it hard. Poor thing—she is just the cutest and has the sweetest little accent, so it broke my heart to see her cry at the beginning of Ben’s date with Rachel. It was also touching when she said that she hates seeing him go on other dates, but she loves that she gets to see him, if only for a few moments before the date. So sweet.

But the show must go on and The Bachelor wouldn’t be complete without a few helicopter rides! Rachel started off the date by saying that her last relationship ended because of communication issues, and boy was that comment foreshadowing. I think Ben gave her a rose to be nice. I just don’t see how he could think that they could have something long term when they had such a hard time communicating. There were definitely instances on my season where I would give a guy a rose because I liked him as a person and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Not giving someone a rose on a one-on-one date is a lot harsher then not giving someone a rose at a rose ceremony. I’m also not completely convinced that Rachel is into Ben. I think she wants to stay because you never know what could happen, but as of right now, I don’t think she is feeling him at all.

This week’s group date was really cool because it was so normal. Ben riding the horse with the girls reminded me of riding the horses with the guys in Iceland. Remember how Craig R. got the smallest horse? It was basically the runt of the group and Craig is 6’4” so it was pretty funny. Anyway, I also absolutely loved the fishing part of the date. It seemed like a lot of fun and it’s something that Ben might actually do with his fiancé in the future. Read more