Are You Giving Up Something for Lent?

February 17, 2010 at 1:32 pm , by

gchatThis might sound silly, but in the spirit of Lent, I’m giving up Gchat/AIM.*

I’m addicted to the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, email, you name it. My particular “vice”: GChat. I love chatting. I need chatting. In this fast-food-fast-cars-fast-lane age of interconnectedness, the interwebs keeps me up-to-date with my friends, family and coworkers. It’s not all a bad thing. How else could I conduct five conversations at the same time?

But it also keeps me distracted. Women are good multi-taskers (we’re women after all), but we also need to slow things down. I have a sneaky suspicion that if we took some time to pause and reflect on our lives—our work lives, personal lives and spiritual lives—we’d feel a little saner, a little more grounded.

Are you giving up something for Lent? Or doing something to better yourself during Lent? (Hint, hint: This is also the perfect time to rededicate yourself to those New Year’s fitness resolutions).

*Okay, maybe no GChat after 7pm.

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Cheat Sheet: 5 Things You Missed While Living Your Life

September 4, 2009 at 5:00 am , by

whileyouwereoutLife gets hectic. It’s easy to get so swept up in soccer practices, lunch appointments and the never-ending laundry pile that you don’t even have time to check in on headlines, let alone all the fun videos and news stories that everyone’s talking about.

That’s where I come in. I’m Catherine, senior web editor for LHJ. That’s right, it’s my job to play on the Internet all day. So every Friday, I (or Arpita, our associate web editor — you’ll meet her soon) will post the Cheat Sheet. It’s a roundup of things people are talking about, clicking on, and in general paying attention to instead of that pesky laundry pile.  Here’s what was hot this week:

  • Japan’s First Lady: “I Rode a UFO to Venus”
    Japan elected a new Prime Minister last weekend, Yukio Hatoyama. He’s known for promises to reverse a generation-long economic decline and to redefine Tokyo’s relationship with Washington. His wife Miyuki Hatoyama, however, has less terrestrial concerns. In her book “Very Strange Things I’ve Encountered,” she talks about the night her soul rode a UFO to Venus. According to Miyuki, the planet is very beautiful, and very green.

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